Conflict Management in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, 1000-1800

Actors, Institutions and Strategies of Dispute Settlement


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Pre-modern long-distance trade was fraught with risks which often created conflicts of interest. The ensuing disputes and the ways the actors involved dealt with them belong to the field of conflict management. How did victims of maritime conflicts claim compensation? How did individual actors and public institutions negotiate disputes which transcended jurisdictional boundaries? What strategies, arrangements and agreements could contribute to achieve the resolution of such conflicts, and to what effect? These and other questions have mainly been studied separately for the Mediterranean and Atlantic regions. Here, the two seascapes are connected, allowing for a comparative long-term perspective. The different contributions enhance our understanding in the complexity of various approaches to conflict management.

Thierry Allain, Cátia Antunes, Eduardo Aznar Vallejo, Catarina Cotic Belloube, Kate Ekama, Tiago Viúla de Faria, Ana Belem Fernández Castro, Jessica Goldberg, Roberto J. González Zalacain, Ian Peter Grohse, Thomas K. Heebøll-Holm, Laurence Jean-Marie, Daphne Penna, Pierrick Pourchasse, Pierre Prétou, Ana María Rivera Medina, Carlo Taviani, and Dominique Valérian.

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Louis Sicking is the Aemilius Papinianus professor of History of Public International Law at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and lecturer in history at the University of Leiden. He is presently working on a study of Conflict Management in pre-modern Atlantic Europe.

Alain Wijffels teaches legal history and comparative law. He is affiliated to the universities of Leiden, Leuven and Louvain-la-Neuve, and is senior research fellow of the French CNRS (at the Centre for Judicial History, Lille).
"Das Werk bildet damit inh ervorragender Weiseden State of the Art eines Themas ab, das in den letzten Jahren intensiv bearbeitet wurde, was es zu einem Band macht, um den man künftig nicht herumkommen wird, wenn man sich mit maritimen Konflikten im Atlantik- und Mittelmeerraum befasst."
Philipp Höhn, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in: Zeitschrift für Historische Forschung (ZHF) Volume 49, Issue 3 (2022).
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 Notes on Contributors

 Introduction: Flotsam and Jetsam in the Historiography of Maritime Trade and Conflicts
  Louis Sicking and Alain Wijffels

1 The Courts, the Qadi, and the ‘People’: Resolving Mercantile Disputes in the Medieval Islamic Mediterranean
  Jessica Goldberg

2 Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers? Byzantine Shipwreck and Salvage in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
  Daphne Penna

3 Bjarkeyjarréttr and Fárrmanna Logh: Norse or European Laws of the Sea?
  Ian Peter Grohse

4 Du conflit aux conflits : marchands et gens de mer lors de la rupture de trêve en 1224 entre les rois anglais et français
  Laurence Jean-Marie

5 Maritime Conflicts and Their Resolution in Castile in the Thirteenth through the Fifteenth Centuries
Eduardo Aznar Vallejo and Roberto J. González Zalacain

6 Maritime Conflicts and Larceny in the Bay of Biscay from the Fourteenth to the Sixteenth Centuries
Ana María Rivera Medina

7 Lutte contre la piraterie et construction de normes partagées entre chrétiens et musulmans en Méditerranée médiévale
Dominique Valérian

8 Towards a Criminalisation of Piracy in Late Medieval England
Thomas K. Heebøll-Holm

9 L’émergence du pirate atlantique dans le royaume de France à la fin du Moyen Âge
Pierre Prétou

10 Maritime Conflict among Hundred Years’ War Allies
Tiago Viúla de Faria

11 In the Shadow of Other Empires: Genoese Merchant Networks and Their Conflicts across the Atlantic Ocean, ca. 1450–1530
Carlo Taviani

12 Handling Conflicts in Long-Distance Trade: A View of the Mediterranean through the Experience of Merchants Operating in the Kingdom of Valencia in the Late Sixteenth-Century
  Ana Belem Fernández Castro

13 Mediterranean and Atlantic Maritime Conflict Resolution: Critical Insights into Geographies of Conflict in the Early Modern Period
  Cátia Antunes and Kate Ekama

14 The Commercial Practices of Portuguese Jewish Merchants in London and Their Dispute with Samuel Hayne, Riding-Surveyor for his Majesty’sCustoms, 1680
  Catarina Cotic Belloube

15 When the War Came to Barbary: Dutch Traders and the Management of Their Entry into Conflict with Algiers, 1755–1757
  Thierry Allain

16 Les conflits permanents entre corsaires et neutres: L’exemple de la France et du Danemark au XVIIe siècle
  Pierrick Pourchasse

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All interested in the history of trade, conflict management, international law, merchant law, economic policy, and anyone concerned with new institutional economics.
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