Confucius and the Analects Revisited

New Perspectives on Composition, Dating, and Authorship


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Edited by Michael Hunter and Martin Kern and featuring contributions by preeminent scholars of early China, Confucius and the Analects Revisited: New Perspectives on Composition, Dating, and Authorship critically examines the long-standing debates surrounding the history of the Analects, for two millennia considered the most authoritative source of the teachings of Confucius (551–479 BCE). Unlike most previous scholarship, it does not take the traditional view of the Analects’ origins as given. Instead, it explores the validity and the implications of recent revisionist critiques from historical, philosophical, and literary perspectives, and further draws on recently discovered ancient manuscripts and new technological advances in the Digital Humanities. As such, it opens up new ways for productive engagement with the text.
Contributors: Mark Csikszentmihalyi, Paul van Els, Robert Eno, Joachim Gentz, Paul R. Goldin, Michael Hunter, Martin Kern, Esther Klein, John Makeham, Matthias L. Richter.

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Michael Hunter, Ph.D. (2012), Princeton University, is an Associate Professor of East Asian Languages & Literatures at Yale University. His 2017 monograph, Confucius Beyond the Analects (Brill), explores the breadth and history of early Confucius literature.

Martin Kern is the Greg (‘84) and Joanna (P13) Zeluck Professor in Asian Studies and Chair of the Department of East Asian Studies at Princeton University. He publishes widely on the textual, ritual, and political culture of early China.

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Michael Hunter and Martin Kern
1 A Critical Overview of Some Contemporary Chinese Perspectives on the Composition and Date of Lunyu
John Makeham
2 The Lunyuas an Accretion Text
Robert Eno
3 The Lunyuas Western Han Text
Michael Hunter
4 Confucius and His Disciples in the Lunyu: The Basis for the Traditional View
Paul R. Goldin
5 The Lunyu, a Homeless Dog in Intellectual History: On the Dating of Discourses on Confucius’s Success and Failure
Joachim Gentz
6 Confucius’s Sayings Entombed: On Two Han Dynasty Bamboo LunyuManuscripts
Paul van Els
7 Manuscript Formats and Textual Structure in Early China
Matthias L. Richter
8 Interlocutor Collections, the Lunyu, and Proto-Lunyu Texts
Mark Csikszentmihalyi
9 Sima Qian’s Kongzi and the Western Han Lunyu
Esther Klein
10 Kongzi as Author in the Han
Martin Kern

All interested in the textual culture, philosophy, and intellectual history of early China, in particularly Confucius and early Confucianism.
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