Places of Privilege

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Identities, Change and Resistance


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Places of Privilege examines dynamics of privilege and power in the construction of place in a period of the rapid social transformation of places, borders and boundaries. Drawing on inter-disciplinary perspectives, the book examines place as a site for the making and re-making of privilege, while considering new meanings of community, and examining spaces for cultural identity and resistance. Chapters point to a range of conceptual resources that can be utilised to produce critical analyses of place-making. As the authors point out, power and privilege shape place but these dynamics are in turn shaped by the specific place based histories and social dynamics within which they are located.

Contributors are: Lutfiye Ali, Alison M. Baker, Paola Bilbrough, Tony Birch, Jora Broerse, Sally Clark, Josephine Cornell, Yon Hsu, Lou Iaquinto, Karen Jackson, Shose Kessi, Rebecca Lyons, Chris McConville, Nicole Oke, Amy Quayle, Alexandra Ramirez, Kopano Ratele, Christopher C. Sonn, and Ramón Spaaij.

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Nicole Oke, Ph.D. (2006), La Trobe University, senior lecturer in sociology at Victoria University. She works on issues about migration, and around precarious employment. Recently she has published on Footscray, a multicultural and gentrifying suburb in Melbourne.
Christopher C. Sonn, Ph.D. (1996), Victoria University, is Associate Professor of Community Psychology at Victoria University. His interests are in social identity, race relations and critical methodologies. His recent coedited book is Creating Inclusive Knowledges (Taylor & Francis, 2018).
Alison M. Baker, Ph.D. (2011), North Carolina State University, is a Senior Lecturer in Social Pedagogy at Victoria University in Melbourne.Her research focuses on young people’s identity, belonging, and intercultural relations and uses creative methodologies.
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1. Introduction to Places of Privilege
Nicole Oke, Christopher C. Sonn and Alison M. Baker

Part 1: Place, Power and Boundary Making

2. Colombian Berraquera: Personal and Cultural Experiences on the Journey from Displacement to Belonging
Alexandra Ramírez
3. Reconstructing the Transit Experience: A Case Study of Community Development from Cisarua
Sally Clark
4. The Unlimited Refugee: The Politics of Race and Refugee-Ness in Two Screen Representations of Sudanese Australians
Paola Bilbrough
5. A Conversation between Normal & Abnormal
Lou Iaquinto

Part 2: Place-Making – Privileges of Culture and Identity

6. Exploring Meanings and Practices of Indigenous Placemaking in Melbourne’s West
Christopher C. Sonn, Karen Jackson and Rebecca Lyons
7. Sport and the Politics of Belonging: The Experiences of Australian and Dutch Somalis
Ramón Spaaij and Jora Broerse
8. Gentrification: Power and Privilege in Footscray
Chris McConville and Nicole Oke
9. ‘We’ve Seen the End of the World and We Don’t Accept It’: Protection of Indigenous Country and Climate Justice
Tony Birch

Part 3: Place, Privilege and Social Settings

10. Eating Chinese in White Suburbia: Palatable Exoticism for Home and Belonging
Yon Hsu
11. Dynamics of Privilege, Identity and Resistance at a Historically White University: A Photovoice Study of Exclusionary Institutional Culture
Josephine Cornell, Shose Kessi and Kopano Ratele
12. Reflexivities of Discomfort: Unsettling Subjectivities in and through Research
Alison M. Baker, Amy Quayle and Lutfiye Ali

Notes on Contributors
This book will appeal to all interested in social dimensions of place and place-making, particularly the shaping of place through power and privilege, displacement, decolonisation and migration.
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