Identity and Internationalization in Catholic Universities

Exploring Institutional Pathways in Context


Identity and Internationalization in Catholic Universities explores the relationship between Catholic identity, mission, and internationalization in Catholic universities of different types and located in different contexts. Internationalization is a key concern for universities working to achieve their goals in different regions of the world but without neglecting their identity. There are many universities that consider themselves related to the Roman Catholic faith and many other universities with Christian affiliations. It is well known that Catholic universities have unique missions, such as the formation of individuals inspired by a religious conviction to serve society and the church. That is why it is imperative to have empirical knowledge to help develop practical and effective policies on central themes such as internationalization, a fundamental part of many universities’ developmental strategies, while paying special attention to each university’s specific context. This book includes sixteen case studies from Latin America, the United States, the Asia Pacific, and Europe, and also includes chapters on regional perspectives on Catholic higher education as well as more specifically Jesuit higher education, the global network of La Salle universities, and internationalization in the United States, Latin America, the Asia Pacific region, and Europe.

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Hans de Wit is director of the Center for International Higher Education (CIHE), and professor of the practice in International Higher Education at the Department of Educational Leadership and Higher Education, Lynch School of Education, Boston College.
Andrés Bernasconi is an associate professor at the School of Education of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and director of its Center of Advanced Studies on Educational Justice.
Visnja Car is PhD student at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy, focusing on the internationalization of Catholic higher education in Europe.
Fiona Hunter is associate director of the Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation (CHEI), Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan. Italy.
Michael James is director of the Institute for Administrators in Catholic Higher Education, lecturer in the Boston College graduate program in higher education administration, and coordinator of on Spirituality, Faith and Formation in Higher Education.
Daniela Véliz is an assistant professor and vice-director of Teaching and Learning at the School of Education at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Part 1: Introduction

1. Embedding Identity and Internationalization into Institutional Practice
Fiona Hunter and Michael James

Part 2: Latin America

2. Exploring Levels of Internationalization in Latin American Catholic Universities
Pedro Pablo Rosso
3. Internationalization as a Dimension of Identity in Latin American Jesuit Universities
Ricardo Carbone Bruna
4. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: Searching for Meaningful Links Between Identity and Internationalization
Andrés Bernasconi, Daniela Véliz and Astrid Pickenpack
5. Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago, Chile: Strengthening Mission through International Cooperation
Sebastián Kaufmann and Constanza Bauer
6. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia: The Emergence of a Symbiotic Relationship between Identity and Internationalization
Luis Fernando Álvarez Londoño, S.J.
7. Universidad la Salle Mexico City: Polyphony of Values between Christian Identity and the Educational Market Demands
Felipe Gaytán Alcalá
8. Universidade Do Vale Do Rio Dos Sinos, Unisinos, Brazil: How Identity Has Given Meaning to the Internationalization Process
Cristiano Richter, Gustavo Borba, Laura Knijnik Baumvol, Paula Dal Bo Campagnolo and Sara Rudnicki

Part 3: United States of America

9. Identifying Characteristics of Identity and Internationalization in Catholic Universities in the United States of America
Michael James
10. Regional Perspectives from the USA: Understanding Internationalization Efforts in the Jesuit Higher Education Network
Bao Nguyen
11. Boston College: Integrating Identity into New Strategic Directions for Internationalization
Hans de Wit and Michael James

Part 4: Asia Pacific

12. International Cooperation and Globalization in Asia and the Role of Jesuit Universities
Miki Sugimura
13. Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan: When Identity Is Strengthened by New Understandings of Internationalization
Miki Sugimura
14. Australian Catholic University, Melbourne: Expressing Identity through International Opportunity
Anthony Casamento and Chris Riley
15. St. Paul University, Tuguegarao City, the Philippines: Preserving Catholic Identity with an Increasingly Diverse Student Population
Jeremy Godofredo C. Morales

Part 5: Europe

16. Catholic Identity and Internationalization in Europe: Linking the Past to the Future
Visnja Car
17. Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao, Spain: Internationalization as a Means to Realize Institutional Mission and Vision
María J. Pando-Canteli and Alvaro de La Rica Aspiunza
18. Universidad Loyola Andalucía, Sevilla, Spain: Cultivating Jesuit-Inspired Connections to Internationalization
Francisco de Borja Martín Garrido
19. Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon, Portugal: How Identity Guides International Partnerships and Positioning
Isabel Capeloa Gil and Teresa Lloyd Braga
20. John Paul II University of Lublin, Poland: How History Defines the Relationship between Identity and Internationalization
Visnja Car and Agnieszka Lekka-Kowalik
21. Tilburg University, the Netherlands: Attuning Catholic Identity to a Secular Society
Visnja Car
22. Catholic University of Croatia: A Renaissance of Catholic Identity
Visnja Car
23. Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore (UCSC), Milan, Italy: Re-Shaping Catholic Identity in a Changing Context
Visnja Car and Fiona Hunter

Part 6: Global Perspectives

24. Identity Meets Internationalization: The Case of the International Association of La Salle Universities
Carlos Coelho

About the Contributors
All interested in Catholic higher education, Catholic identity, faith-based education, Jesuit and La Salle higher education, and the relationship with internationalization of higher education in Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe.
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