Engaging with Fashion

Perspectives on Communication, Education and Business


This book is a modern exploration of how we engage with fashion today. Through a series of articles this book shows the ‘ways’ through which we can approach fashion. The articles are organized around the following six sections: marketing, consuming, educating, communicating, embodying and positioning - each with a mix of research approaches and strategies. From sustainability and consumerism to street-style and street-food. From how fashion is taught across the globe to how fashion is communicated through photography and the media. We invite the readers to be curators themselves, and to create their own ‘augmented knowledge’ of fashion, by reading the varied themes in this book. Contributors are Claire Allen, Deidra Arrington, Naomi Braithwaite, Jill Carey, Federica Carlotto, Karen Dennis, Doris Domoszlai, Linsday E. Feeny, Nádia Fernandes, Jacque Lynn Foltyn, Alessia Grassi, Chris Jones, Lan Lan, Peng Liu, Mario Matos Ribeiro, Natalie C. McCreesh, Alex McIntosh, Alice Morin, Nolly Moyssi, Maria Patsalosavvi, Laura Petican, Jennifer Richards, Susanne Schulz, Ines Simoes, Helen Storey, Steve Swindells, Stephen Wigley, Gaye Wilson and Cecilia Winterhalter.

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Dr Federica Carlotto is Course Leader of the Art of Luxury at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, and cultural strategist for businesses and consultancies. Her research and consultancy activity focuses on the social meanings and practices underpinning the production, branding and consumption of luxury and fashion. Dr Natalie C. McCreesh is an academic consultant and Senior Lecturer in Fashion Management and Communication, at Sheffield Hallam University. Since gaining a PhD from The University of Manchester she has been actively engaged in fashion education and research. Current research interests include tattoos and the female body, appearance and identity and the future of fashion education.
A reader for academics, students, practitioners and those with an interest in the fashion conversation from fashion, dress and material culture covering history, design, retail, consumption, sustainability, body and curation.
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