Time, Consciousness and Writing

Peter Malekin Illuminating the Divine Darkness


Editors: Robert Eddy and Theo Malekin
Time, Consciousness and Writing brings together a collection of critical reflections on Peter Malekin’s “model of the mind”, which he saw as a crucial yet often neglected aspect of critical theory in relation to theatre, literature and the arts. The volume begins with a selection of Peter Malekin’s own writings that lay out his critique of western culture, its overstated claims to universal competence and validity, and lays out an alternative view of consciousness that draws partly on Asian traditions and partly on underground traditions from the west. The essays that follow, commissioned for this volume, critically examine Malekin’s ideas, drawing out their implications in a variety of contexts including theatre, liturgical performance, poetry and literature. The book ends with an assessment of future prospects opened by this work.
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Biographical Note

Robert Eddy is Associate Professor of English at Washington State University. He works on rhetoric across cultures in science, religion and politics. His most recent book, written with Amanda Espinosa-Aguilar, is Writing Across Cultures ( 2018). Theo Malekin is Lecturer in Scandinavian Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He works on modern Scandinavian literature and film from a variety of interdisciplinary angles, including most recently disability studies. He is the author of August Strindberg and the Quest for Sacred Theatre (Rodopi, 2010),


All interested in critical theory and consciousness.