Children’s Constitutional Rights in the Nordic Countries


The book presents a comparative study of children’s constitutional rights in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The authors discuss the value of enshrining children’s rights in national constitutions in addition to implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Central issues are whether enshrining children’s rights in a constitution improves implementation and enforcement of those rights by providing advocacy tools and by mandating courts, legislators, policy-makers and practitioners to take children’s rights seriously. The study assesses whether the constitutions are in line with the child rights approach of the CRC both on a general level and in detail in three domains; the best interests of the child, participation rights, and the right to respect for family life.

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Trude Haugli, Dr. juris (1998) Professor of Law UiT- the Arctic University of Norway, has published several monographs, book-chapters and articles on children’s rights, including human rights for children, child protection and children in family conflicts.

Anna Nylund, Jur. Dr. (2006) University of Helsinki. Professor of Law UiT - the Arctic University of Norway, has co-directed several research-projects and published extensively within comparative and European aspects of civil procedure law, alternative dispute resolution, and child law.

Randi Sigurdsen, Ph.D (2013) Professor of Law at UiT- the Arctic University of Norway. Several publications in the intersection between human rights, public law and child law, including on compulsory treatment of children in health care and social services.

Lena R. L. Bendiksen, Dr. Juris (2007) Dean and Professor of Law at UiT- the Arctic University of Norway, is an experienced teacher engaged on development in higher education projects. Her several publications are mainly within child law and human rights.
All interested in children’s rights, human rights and constitutional law. Politicians, academic libraries, researchers, students, practitioners in law.
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