Boiotia in Ancient Times

Some Studies of Its Topography, History, Cults and Myths

This is the concluding volume presenting results of the author’s fieldwork spread over more than fifty years concerning the Archaeology and Topography of Ancient Boiotia that includes also discussions of the distribution within the topography of certain ancient cults, especially those of Artemis, Herakles and the Horseman Hero. Within the more purely topographic section there is much discussion of regional defense systems, all set against the history of the Boiotian League, especially its early coinage, its origins and its confrontation with Sparta and the pivotal battle of Leuktra.

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John M. Fossey, D ès L (Lyon II, 1976), FRSC, FSA, is Emeritus Professor at McGill University and Emeritus Curator of Mediterranean Archaeology at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. He has published monographs on Greek archaeology, epigraphy and prosopography. He has excavated in Greece, Georgia, Bulgaria and Britain.
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1 The Homeric Description of Boiotia: Mykenaian or Archaic or Both?

2 A Folk Story and the End of Amphiaraos

3 “Les Deux Béoties” in Archaic Times

4 The Origins of the Boiotian League

5 Early Boiotian Temples

6 Παιδοποιία in Archaic Thebai

7 Boiotian Connections with the Pontic and Propontic Area in Archaic to Hellenistic Times

8 The Spartan Occupation of Southern Boiotia

9 The Daughters of Skedasos and the Battle of Leuktra

10 The Sequel to the Spartan Occupation of Southern Boiotia

11 Further Thoughts on Late Classical and Hellenistic Defence Networks in Boiotia

12 A Valley in the Hills East of Thívai

13 An Unusual Hero Cult in East Central Greece

14 Another Boiotian Folktale

15 The Leuktra Epigram (IGvii 2462)
S.M.L. Stringer


Index 1A: Epigraphic Sources Quoted or Cited
Index 1B: Ancient Literary Sources Quoted or Cited
Index 2: Ancient and Modern Placenames
Index 3: Ancient Personal Names, Human and Divine
Index 4: Selected General Subjects
Graduates and professional specialists in Greek Archaeology and History (including military, federal and cultic history) and those interested in the symbiosis of human society and the landscape; academic libraries and institutes.
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