Challenges and Opportunities in Education for Refugees in Europe

From Research to Good Practices


Editor: Fabio Dovigo
The wave of migrants arriving in Europe fleeing from war or hard living conditions represents both a challenge and a great educational opportunity for the European school systems. Currently, research and good practice in this field have been mainly developed within the boundaries of national educational politics and policies, addressing distinct populations. This fragmentation has stood in the way of a systematic analysis of the question at the European level, which is a necessary condition for the advancement of successful educational interventions. The book aims to offer substantive insights for researchers, policy makers, and teachers concerned with the effective inclusion of refugees within education by collecting and comparing the growing body of knowledge that is emerging from eight European countries.

Contributors are: Oula Abu-Amsha, Miki Aristorenas, Tatjana Atanasoska, Benjamin Brass, Henrik Bruns, Heike de Boer, Sanja Grbić, Hermina Gunnþórsdóttir, Laure Kloetzer, Tünde Kovacs Cerović, Louise Pagden, Michelle Proyer, Wayne Veck, Dragan Vesić, and Julie Wharton.
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Fabio Dovigo, Ph.D. (2000), Università di Padova, is a Professor for Inclusive Education and Organisational Research Methods at the University of Bergamo, where he co-ordinates the international activities and Erasmus+ Programs. He edited the book Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Practices (Sense, 2016).

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Fabio Dovigo

1. “It’s Sad and Nice at the Same Time”: Challenges to Professionalization in Pedagogical Work with Migrant Children
Heike de Boer, Benjamin Brass and Henrik Bruns
2. We’re in It Together: Inclusive Approaches from Refugee Education in Italy
Fabio Dovigo
3. “Do You Teach about Real Knowledge?”: Different Ideas between Parents and Teachers from Unlike Cultures about the Role of Schools and Education
Hermina Gunnþórsdóttir
4. How Do Schools Integrate Refugee Students? First Experiences from Serbia
Tünde Kovács Cerović, Sanja Grbić and Dragan Vesić
5. “My Course, My Lifeline!”: Reconnecting Syrian Refugees to Higher Education in the Za’atari Camp
Laure Kloetzer, Miki Aristorenas and Oula Abu-Amsha
6. Austrian Perspectives on Refugee Studies
Tatjana Atanasoska and Michelle Proyer
7. Children Seeking Refuge, Assimilation and Inclusion: Insights from the United Kingdom
Wayne Veck, Louise Pagden and Julie Wharton

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The book is of interest to researchers, policy makers, and teachers at primary and secondary school level concerned with the effective inclusion of refugees within education.

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