Ancient Readers and their Scriptures

Engaging the Hebrew Bible in Early Judaism and Christianity


Ancient Readers and their Scriptures explores the various ways that ancient Jewish and Christian writers engaged with and interpreted the Hebrew Bible in antiquity, focusing on physical mechanics of rewriting and reuse, modes of allusion and quotation, texts and text forms, text collecting, and the development of interpretative traditions.
Contributions examine the use of the Hebrew Bible and its early versions in a variety of ancient corpora, including the Septuagint, Dead Sea Scrolls, New Testament, and Rabbinic works, analysing the vast array of textual permutations that define ancient engagement with Jewish scripture. This volume argues that the processes of reading and cognition, influenced by the physical and intellectual contexts of interpretation, are central aspects of ancient biblical interpretation that are underappreciated in current scholarship.

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Garrick V. Allen, Ph.D. (2015, St Andrews) is Lecturer in New Testament at Dublin City University and Research Associate at the School of Ancient and Modern Cultures and Language, University of Pretoria. He is the author of The Book of Revelation and Early Jewish Textual Culture (Cambridge University Press, 2017). John Anthony Dunne, Ph.D. (2016, St Andrews) is Assistant Professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary (St. Paul, MN). He is the author of Persecution and Participation in Galatians (Mohr Siebeck, 2017).
Garrick V. Allen and John Anthony Dunne

Reading the Hebrew Bible in Jewish and Christian Antiquity
William A. Tooman

Part 1: Reading Scripture in the Second Temple Period

1 What Did Ben Sira’s Bible and Desk Look Like?
Lindsey Arielle Askin

2 Creation as the Liturgical Nexus of the Blessings and Curses in 4QBerakhot
Mika S. Pajunen

3 The Qumran Library and the Shadow it Casts on the Wall of the Cave
Jonathan D.H. Norton

Part 2: The New Testament and Practices of Reading and Reusing Jewish Scripture

4 Exegetical Methods in the New Testament and “Rewritten Bible”: A Comparative Analysis
Susan E. Docherty

5 Scriptural Quotations in the Jesus Tradition and Early Christianity: Textual History and Theology
Martin Karrer

6 The Return of the Shepherd: Zechariah 13:7–14:6 as an Interpretive Framework for Mark 13
Paul Sloan

7 The Hybrid Isaiah Quotation in Luke 4:18–19
Joseph M. Lear

part 3: Reading Scripture in Rabbinic Judaism

8 A Single, Huge, Aramaic Spoken Heretic: Sequences of Adam’s Creation in Early Rabbinic Literature
Willem Smelik

9 The Variant Reading ולא / ולו of Psalm 139:16 in Rabbinic Literature
Dagmar Börner-Klein

10 Jewish and Christian Exegetical Controversy in Late Antiquity: The Case of Psalm 22 and the Esther Narrative
Abraham Jacob Berkovitz

part 4: Reading Retrospective

11 What does ‘Reading’ have to do with it? Ancient Engagement with Jewish Scripture
Garrick V. Allen and John Anthony Dunne
All interested in ancient biblical interpretation; textual scholarship on the Septuagint, Hebrew Bible, and New Testament; inner-biblical exegesis and OT in the NT studies; biblical studies
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