Yearbook of Chinese Theology 2018


Volume Editor:
The Yearbook of Chinese Theology is an international, ecumenical and fully peer-reviewed annual that covers Chinese Christianity in the areas of Biblical Studies, Church History, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, and Comparative Religions. It offers genuine Chinese theological research previously unavailable in English, by top scholars in the study of Christianity in China.

The 2018 volume highlights the five-disciplines of Jingjiao theology and its guest editors are Prof. Xiaofeng Tang from China Academy of Social Sciences and Donghua Zhu from Tsinghua University. Further contributions are from: Paulos Huang and Donghua Zhu, David Tam, Chengyong Ge, Daniel Yeung, Melville Stewart, Mar Aprem Metropolitan, Xiaofeng Tang and Yingying Zhang, Fuxue Yang and Wenjing Xue, Donald Wang, Xiaoping Yin, Zhu Li-Layec, Lanping Wang and Qiaosui Zhang.

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Paulos Huang, Ph.D: (1996, U of Helsinki) & Th.D: (2006, U of Helsinki), Post-Doctor (2000, U of Tokyo). Visiting scholar, Collaborative Innovation Center of Confucian Civilization at Shandong University, Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki, Chief Editor of International Journal of Sino-Western Studies, and Guest Professor in over ten universities in China. Author of Confronting Confucian Understanding of Christian Doctrine of Salvation (2009, Brill), co-editor of Christianity and Chinese Culture (2000, Eerdmans). Author of many Chinese academic monographies on Christianity, Chinese Daoism/Confucianism, and dialogue between Christianity and Chinese culture. Translator of seven books of Martin Luther into Chinese. Presently Paulos is concentrating on the study of Martin Luther and translating his works into Chinese.

Paulos Huang and Donghua Zhu
Notes on Contributors

Part 1: Systematic Theology and Chinese Humanities

1 The Names of God in the Tang Jingjiao Document Yishen Lun(A Discourse on God)
David Tam
2 The Unique Features of Chanting in Jingjiao Liturgy, as Revealed in Unearthed Jingjiao Documents
Chengyong Ge, translated by D. Tam

Part 2: Practical Theology in Chinese Context

3 The Multiple Identities of the Nestorian Monk Mar Alopen – A Discussion on Diplomacy and Politics
Daniel Yeung
4 The Ethic of Love in Ancient Judaism and Early Jingjiao and Its Impact on Ancient China’s Religious Narrative
Melville Y. Stewart

Part 3: Church History in China

5 The Church of the East in China (Jingjiao)
Mar Aprem Metropolitan
6 Fangshan Cross Temple (房山十字寺) in China: Overview, Analysis and Hypotheses
Xiaofeng Tang and Yingying Zhang

Part 4: Biblical and Scriptural Studies

7 Yishu (Jesu) Worship in Xiapu Manichaean Manuscripts
Fuxue Yang and Wengjing Xue
8 Spirit in Atrahasis
Donald Wang

Part 5: Comparative Religious and Cultural Studies

9 A Comparative Perspective on Two Yelikewen Official Families in the Yuan Dynasty
Xiaoping Yin
10 From “Shiyuan 十願” (Ten Vows) to “Shijie 十誡” (Ten Commandments): Importance of Absent Elements in Translation as Case Study of Inculturation of Christianity during the Early Tang dynasty (7th century)
Zhu Li-Layec

Part 6: A Review and Academic Report

11 Review of the Studies on the Research History of Authenticity of The Discourse on Monotheism and The Jesus Messiah Sutra in ­­Kyou-shooku
Lanping Wang and Qiaosui Zhang

All interested in the study of Christianity in China, Theology, Inter-religious Dialogue, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Sinology, and Sociology of Religion in the international scholarly world, including China.
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