Byblos in the Late Bronze Age

Interactions between the Levantine and Egyptian Worlds


In Byblos in the Late Bronze Age, Marwan Kilani reconstructs the “biography” of the city of Byblos during the Late Bronze Age. Commonly described simply as a centre for the trade of wood, the city appears here as a dynamic actor involved in multiple aspects of the regional geopolitical reality.

By combining the information provided by written sources and by a fresh reanalysis of the archaeological evidence, the author explores the development of the city during the Late Bronze Age, showing how the evolution of a wide range of geopolitical, economic and ideological factors resulted in periods of prosperity and decline.

The Studies in the Archaeology and History of the Levant series publishes volumes from the Harvard Semitic Museum. Other series offered by Brill that publish volumes from the Museum include Harvard Semitic Studies and Harvard Semitic Monographs,

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Marwan Kilani, Ph.D. (2017), Oxford University, is a researcher for the Swiss National Science Foundation at the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften. He has published articles and monographs focusing on the sociocultural interactions between Late Bronze Age Egypt and the Levant.
List of Figures

1 Introduction
 1 Aims of the Book
 2 Structure of the Book

2 Sources – Archaeological Evidence
 1 Archaeological Sources – Overview
 2 The City – Buildings and Organization
 3 Archaeological Evidence – Elaboration of the Data

3 Archaeological Evidence – Quantitative Analyses
 1 Introduction
 2 Mycenaean Pottery – Distribution and Spatial Density
 3 Egyptian Scarabs – Distribution and Spatial Density
 4 Spindle Whorls and Loom Weights – Distribution and Spatial Density
 5 Egyptian Objects and Inscribed Blocks from Byblos

4 Archaeological Evidence – Sectors and Areas of Interest
 1 Introduction
 2 The Tower Temple
 3 The Temple of the Lady of Byblos
 4 The Obelisk Temple
 5 The Chapel of Ramses II
 6 The Temples of Byblos – Discussion
 7 Necropolis K
 8 The Royal Tombs and the Area of the Palace
 9 The Nahr El-Kalb

5 Written Sources
 1 Thutmose III
 2 From Amenhotep II to the Amarna Period
 3 The Amarna Period
 4 The Late Eighteenth and the Early Nineteenth Dynasties
 5 Ramses II and the Nineteenth Dynasty
 6 The End of the Late Bronze Age
 7 Other Sources

6 Byblos in the Late Bronze Age – Biography of a City
 1 Introduction
 2 Geographical and Geopolitical Layout
 3 Economy and Economic Landscape
 4 Society in Byblos
 5 Ideology
 6 Byblos in the Late Bronze Age


A Software
B Online Supplement
 1 GitHub Repository – Content

C Identification of the Late Bronze Age Layers
 1 Definition of the Theoretical Framework
 2 Definition of the Terminus Sub Quo and Terminus Super Quem
 3 Figures
Index of Cited Texts and Passages
All interested in the history of Late Bronze Age Levant and Lebanon in particular, and anyone concerned with the Egyptian presence and influence in the region at the time.