Political Economy of Globalization and China's Options


编者: SHAO Binhong
Political Economy of Globalization and China's Options offers the political economy of globalization and China’s options in response to globalization’s retrogression, and the construction of world order. What are the strategies for upgrading the competitiveness of an emerging major power? Why does world need a new concept of openness? What are the four major challenges for the world economy? How do Chinese scholars think of in an “Anti-Globalization” environment? What are the five major objectives of global politics? Besides answering these basic questions, we will also consider other issues: the triangular relationship among China, the United States, and Russia; Rise of China and transformation of international order; understanding nuclear security and safety issues from the perspective of global governance.

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Binhong Shao, Senior Editor of the Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP), the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), is Secretary-General of China Society of World Economics. Since 1996, She has been managing Editor-in-Chief of the International Economic Review, one of China’s core periodicals.
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1 The Political Economy of Globalization and China’s Options in Response to Globalization’s Retrogression
Cai Fang

2 Strategies for Upgrading the Competitiveness of an Emerging Major Power
Long Guoqiang

3 The World Needs a New Vision of Openness
Ye He

4 The Costs and Benefits to China in Leading Economic Globalization within an “Anti-Globalization” Environment
Li Xiangyang

5 Four Major Challenges for the World Economy
Yao Zhizhong

6 China’s Industrialization Process and Its Influence on Globalization
Huang Qunhui

7 China’s Industrial Transformation and Upgrading in Globalization’s New Era
Jin Bei

8 Inclusive Globalization: An Investigative Analysis
Xie Danyang and Cheng Kun

9 The Five Major Objectives of Global Politics
Wang Jisi

10 The Current Triangular Relationship between China, the United States, and Russia
Zou Zhibo

11 The Restructuring of Global Value Chains and Vitalization of China’s Manufacturing Sector in the Context of the “One Belt One Road” Initiative
Liu Zhibiao

12 China’s Rise and the Transformation of International Order (1985–2015)
Men Honghua

13 Understanding Nuclear Security and Safety Issues from the Perspective of Global Governance
Fu Xiaoqiang

14 China’s Trade and Investment Promotion Measures in the Context of Economic Globalization
Cui Xiaomin and Yu Miaojie

15 State Governance, Global Governance, and the Construction of World Order
Chen Zhimin
All interested in the political economy of globalization and China's options, the construction of world order, especially those interested in China's new international relations and foreign economic policies.