International Labour Law Reports, Volume 37


The International Labour Law Reports is a series of annual publications of labour law judgements by the highest courts in a number of jurisdictions. ILLR is intended primarily for the use of judges, labour law practitioners, industrial relations specialists and students who need or desire ready access to authoritative information of a comparative nature on problems arising in the field of labour law and industrial relations.
Each judgement reprinted in ILLR is accompanied by Headnotes and in practically all cases by an Annotation which sets forth, among other things, the legal issues involved, the basic facts of the case (if not included in the judgement itself), the relevant statutory provisions and judicial precedents, the labour law and industrial relations context in which the case arose and the significance of the judgement in the development of the law. As a rule, judgements are printed in extenso; editorial discretion has been relied upon to delete or to summarize portions of judgements that are purely technical or only of marginal interest.
This volume covers the period 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2017.

The International Labour Law Reports is also available online.

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List of Reporters
List of Cases – By Jurisdiction
List of Cases – By Subject Matter
Part One: General Principles of Labour Law and Key Concepts
Part Two: Basic Rights Pertaining to Labour
Part Three: Manpower
Part Four: Individual Employment Relationship
Part Five: Collective Labour Relations
Part Six: Administration – Judicial and General
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