The Narrative of Mathematics Teachers

Elementary School Mathematics Teachers’ Features of Education, Knowledge, Teaching and Personality

Editors: Dorit Patkin and Avikam Gazit
The issue of mathematics teaching and its impact on learners' attainments in this subject has continuously been on the public agenda. The anthology of chapters in this book consists of varied up-to-date studies of some of the best mathematics education researchers and mathematics teaching experts, exploring the varied aspects of this essential. The book depicts the elementary school mathematics teachers' world while relating to three aspects which comprise the professional environment of mathematics teachers: Teachers' education and teachers' knowledge, Teaching and Teachers' personality. The chapters are written on a level which addresses and might interest a wide readership: researchers, in-service teachers, pre-service teachers, parents and learners.

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Dorit Patkin, head of the M.Ed. program in Mathematics Education and senior lecturer of mathematics education at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts in Tel Aviv, tutor of in-service and pre-service teachers. She has a vast experience in teaching methods and in coping with mathematics students' mistakes and misconceptions. She has published books engaging in geometry teaching and selected topics for high school students as well as a book about mathematical language and stories.
Avikam Gazit, lecturer of mathematics education at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts as well as faculty member of the Department of Education and Psychology at the Open University. He is highly experienced in teaching methods of problem solution and in the integration of creativity, humor and history of mathematics teaching. He has published four books about thinking challenges, two books about the history of mathematics and a book of poetry.
Notes on Contributors

PART 1: Teachers’ Education and Teachers’ Knowledge

1 What Should We Expect from Somebody Who Teaches Mathematics in Elementary School
Shlomo Vinner
2 Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Integration of Humor in Mathematics Lessons
Avikam Gazit
3 Geometric Thinking Levels of Pre-Service and In-Service Mathematics Teachers at Various Stages of Their Education
Dorit Patkin and Ruthi Barkai

PART 2: Teaching and Teachers’ Personality

4 A Multicultural View of Mathematics Male-Teachers at Israeli Elementary Schools
Eti Gilad and Shosh Millet
5 Do “Those Who Understand” Teach? Mathematics Teachers’ Professional Image
Dorit Patkin and Avikam Gazit
6 Elementary School Mathematics Pre-Service Teachers’ Perception of Their Professional Image
Nili Mendelson

Dorit Patkin and Avikam Gazit

Root Canal
Avikam Gazit
Researchers, in-service teachers, pre-service teachers, parents and learners.