The Creative University

Contemporary Responses to the Changing Role of the University


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The concept behind the Creative University is about knowledge cultures, critical creative thinking and innovative learning processes, situating the university as flexible, open and responsive to contemporary educational ideologies. Its vision reflects world-wide interest in students’ engagement with diverse knowledges that challenge and break with habitual actions and thought and elevates creativity as central to the design of new and innovative pedagogies. In The Creative University: Contemporary Responses to the Changing Role of the University, leading authors position the university to inviting exploratory constructions and approaches that respond to past, present and future social and educational tensions and developments. This volume is a provocation for discovery, fostering and critiquing creativity, and advancing innovation.

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Birthe Lund, Ph.D., Asssociate Professor, Department of Education, Learning and Philosophy, Aalborg University, Denmark. Her research focus is design and evaluation of creative and innovative learning processes in education, as well as philosophy of education.

Sonja Arndt, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Waikato, New Zealand. Sonja’s research is aligned with the Centre for Global Studies and the Early Years Research Centre, and intersects initial teacher education and philosophy of and in education.
Foreword: Knowledge Cultures
Michael A. Peters
Notes on Contributors

1. What Is a Creative University?
Birthe Lund and Sonja Arndt
> 2. The Importance of Imagination in Educational Creativity When Fostering Democracy and Participation in Social Change
Birthe Lund
3. Artistic Makings as a Method of Inquiry in Higher Education
Rikke Platz Cortsen and Anne Mette W. Nielsen
4. ‘Back to Bildung’: A Holistic Competence-Based Approach to Student Engagement in Innovation Learning Processes in Higher Education
Tine Lynfort Jensen
5. Creative Knowledge Work and the Impact of Instruction
Susanne Dau
6. Constructivist Approach in Business Education with the Use of Virtual Simulations
Anna Wach
7. The Role of Education in Academic Ecosystems
Joakim Juhl and Anders Buch
8. Exploring Universities as ‘Organisations That May Learn’
Bente Elkjaer and Niels Christian Mossfeldt Nickelsen
9. Creative and Inclusive Universities in the Globalising Learning Economy
Bengt-Åke Lundvall
10. Peer Production and Collective Intelligence as the Basis for the Public Digital University
Michael A. Peters and Petar Jandrić
11. Logical Foundation of Inductive Meaning Constructing in Constructivist Interactions
Farshad Badie
Readers interested in knowledge cultures, critical creative thinking and innovative learning processes and its impact on university education and research.
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