Lessons in Exile


Author: Carlos Pereda
Translator: Sean Manning
This book, winner of the 2007 Siglo XXI International Essay Prize, is unique in its approach to exile and offers remarkable insights into the subject. It discusses both human nature and the phenomenon of exile with depth and exactness from the combined perspectives of philosophy, morality, politics, anthropology, and history. After retracing the lessons learned through diverse experiences of exile from antiquity to modern times, it uses poetry as metatestimony to examine exile, subjectivity, and the many moral and political implications involved. The result is a series of thoughtprovoking connections between exile and the way we assume our lives.

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Carlos Pereda, Ph.D. (Universität Konstanz) is Researcher Emeritus at the Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, National Autonomous University of Mexico. He has published fourteen books including An Ethics of Dispute (1994), On Trust (2009), and Philosophy in Mexico in the 20th Century (2013). Sean Manning, Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin) is a literary translator and Lecturer of Spanish at the University of Texas at Austin. His other translations include works by Lorenzo García Vega, Eduardo Lalo, and Azahara Palomeque.
A Map for the Road

1 Words, Words, Words
 1“Our Bones are Dried Up”—“Build Houses and Dwell in Them”
 2“I Am a Foreigner in Every Land”—“In Every Land I Am at Home”
 3Demands from Different Directions
 4Reasons For and Against Certain Cosmopolitanisms

2 Testimonies and Metatestimonies
 1Testimonies of Injustice
 2The Difficult and Infuriating Art of Self-Interruption

3 Exile as Loss
 1There is a Time to Be Involved and a Time to Step Away

4 Exile as Resistance
 1There is a Time to Resist and a Time to Break with the Situation Being Resisted as Well as with Resistance Itself

5 Exile as a New Beginning

6 Words Say, Words Resonate
 1Arrogant Reasoning
 2Comparisons, Metaphors, Analogies, Abstractions, Perspectives… On the Varying Resonations of Some Uses of Words Like “Exile,” “Loss,” “Resistance” and “New Beginning,”
 3An Usher for Loss

7 Nomadic Cultures and Personhood
 1Cultural Storerooms
 2Two Types of Practical Norms
 3The Dilemma of Personhood
 4Capacity for Judgment
Both specialists and university students interested in the philosophical aspects of exile in the areas of philosophy, Latin American Studies, Literature, Political Sciences, Anthropology, and History.