Scriptural Interpretation at the Interface between Education and Religion

In Memory of Hans Conzelmann


Scriptural Interpretation at the Interface between Education and Religion examines prominent texts from Jewish, Christian, and Islamic communities with a view to determining to what extent education (Bildung) represents the precondition, the central feature and/or the aim of the interpretation of 'Holy Scripture' in antiquity. In particular, consideration is given to the exegetical techniques, the hermeneutical convictions and the contexts of intercultural exchange which determine the process of interpretation. The volume contains a methodological reflection as well as investigations of scriptural interpretation in Jewish texts from the 2nd and 1st centuries B.C.E., in New Testament writings, and in witnesses from late ancient Christianity and in the Qur’an. Finally, it contains a critical appraisal of the scholarly oeuvre of Hans Conzelmann. This work thus fosters scholarly understanding of the function of scriptural interpretation at the interface between education and religion.

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Florian Wilk, Dr. theol. habil (1961), Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, is Professor of New Testament at the Faculty of Theology of that university. He has published monographs, edited volumes and many articles, including Erzählstrukturen im Neuen Testament (UTB 4559, Mohr-Siebeck, 2016).

Contributors are: Carl Johan Berglund, Jan Dochhorn, Reinhard Feldmeier, Peter Gemeinhardt, Jane Heath, George van Kooten, Andreas Lindemann, Jacques van Ruiten, Loren T. Stuckenbruck, J. Ross Wagner, Clare Wilde, Florian Wilk

Notes on Contributors

Florian Wilk

“Textual Communities”: Brian Stock’s Concept and Recent Scholarship on Antiquity
Jane Heath

“The Paideia of the Lord”: Moral Formation in Old Greek Isaiah
J. Ross Wagner

Interpreting Torah: Jubilees at the Interface between Education and Religion
Jacques van Ruiten

Copying, Rewriting, and Interpretation in Community Formation: the Pesher Habakkuk from Qumran Cave 1
Loren T. Stuckenbruck

Schriftauslegung als Bildungsvorgang im ersten Korintherbrief des Paulus – untersucht ausgehend von 1Kor 4,6
Florian Wilk

Auslegung und Apotheose: Ps 110 und die lukanische Interpretation der Auferstehung
Reinhard Feldmeier

Bildung, Religion, and Politics in the Gospel of John: the Erastic, Philhellenic, Anti-Maccabean, and Anti-Roman Tendencies of the Gospel of ‘the Beloved Pupil’
George van Kooten

Ein starkes Stück Schrift: Über den Judasbrief in der frühchristlichen Bildungswelt und über die Bildungswelt des Judasbriefes – mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Tradition über Michael und den Teufel in Judas 9
Jan Dochhorn

Interpreting Readers: the Role of Greco-Roman Education in Early Interpretation of New Testament Writings
Carl Johan Berglund

„Habe für alles ein Zeugnis aus der Heiligen Schrift!“: Monastische Diskurse über Schriftauslegung und Bildung in der Spätantike
Peter Gemeinhardt

Jesus and Mary: Qurʾānic Echoes of Syriac Homilies?
Clare Wilde

Theologie als Schriftauslegung: zum Werk von Hans Conzelmann (1915−1989)
Andreas Lindemann

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Index of Modern Authors
Scholars of Biblical Studies, Islamic Studies, Judaic Studies, Jewish Studies, Patristics, Religion, Jewish-Christian-Islamic Relations; corresponding institutes and libraries.
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