Excavations at Mendes

Volume 2 The Dromos and Temple Area


The second volume of Excavations at Mendes furthers the publication of our archaeological work at the site of Tel er-Rub’a, ancient Mendes, in the east central Delta. Mendes is proving to be one of the most exciting sites in the Nile Delta. Occupied from prehistoric times until the Roman Period, Mendes reveals the nature of a typical Late Egyptian city, its distribution of economy, and demography. The discoveries reported on in this volume were wholly unexpected, and bear meaning fully on Ancient Egyptian history: these include the prosperity and size of the original Old Kingdom city, the major contributions of Ramesses II and Amasis to the monumental nature of the city, and the role of the city in the period c. 600–100 B.C. as an entrepot for Mediterranean trade.

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Donald B. Redford, PhD (1965), University of Toronto, is Professor of Ancient Mediterranean Studies at Pennsylvania State University. He has been engaged in archaeological field-work in Egypt since 1968. He has published numerous articles, monographs, and books on Egyptian history including Ram-Man: The Story of Ancient Mendes (Princeton University Press, 2010). Susan Redford, PhD (2006), Pennsylvania State University, is Teaching Professor of Egyptology at that university. She has carried out archaeological field research at East Karnak, the Theban necropolis, and in the Nile Delta for the past 40 years. She is the author of The Harem Conspiracy (Northern Illinois University Press, 2002).

1 The Site of Tel er-Rub’a: The Lie of the Land
Donald B. Redford
2 Rock & Mineral Analysis
Clair R. Ossian
3 The Naqada III -First Intermediate Period Stratification
Matthew J. Adams
4 The T-A Vaults
Donald B. Redford
5 Human Remains From the Temple Area
George R. Milner
6 The New kingdom Pylon Foundation Deposits
Alicia Daneri Rodrigo
7 Temple T (Field T)
Donald B. Redford and Susan Redford
8 The Foundation Deposits of Temple T
Susan Redford
9 The Organic and Other Materials of the Temple T Foundation Deposits
DeeAnne Wymer
10 The Northwestern Harbor (Field F)
Donald B. Redford

The archaeological reports cover nearly every major time period of Ancient Egypt and would be of interest to all archaeologists, historians, and students in the field of Egyptology, including educated laymen.
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