Franco-Maghrebi Artists of the 2000s

Transnational Narratives and Identities


In Franco-Maghrebi Artists of the 2000s: Transnational Narratives and Identities Ramona Mielusel offers an account of the way how young artists (writers, filmmakers, actors, singers, photographers, contemporary migrant artists) of Maghrebi origin residing in France during the last twenty years (2000-2016) contest French “national identity” in their work. Mielusel's interest lies in analyzing the impact that these “minor” artists and their chosen genres have on mainstream cultural productions. She argues that constant displacement and changes in political, social and cultural contexts have significantly transformed the dynamics that govern the relationship between the center (Metropolitan France) and the periphery (its Others). Most importantly, she seeks to position their work in the field of transnationalism, which has dominated postcolonial studies and cultural studies in the past decade.

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Ramona Mielusel is Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA. Her research interests include Francophone Migrant Literature and Cinema, Transnational Studies, Contemporary France and the Maghreb.
List of Figures

Introduction: National Identity and Contemporary France
 1 The French Nation in the Twenty-First Century and the Transnational Trend
 2 France and Its “Others”
 3 The Rise and Shine of Franco-Maghrebi Artists

1 Franco-Maghrebi Literature in Transnational France
 1 Today’s Franco-Maghrebi Writers
 2 Women’s Voices: Faïza Guène and Saphia Azzeddine
 3 Male Voices: Rachid Djaïdani and Abdellah Taïa

2 The Franco-Maghrebi Movies: from the Margin to the Mainstream
 1 The Evolution of Franco-Maghrebi “Road Movies” in the European Context
 2 The Transformative Experiences of the Main Characters in Ten’ja, The Great Journey, and Monsieur Ibrahim
 3 Franco-Maghrebi Women and the French Telefilms
 4 Yamina Benguigui’s Aïcha

3 Franco-Maghrebi Actors and the Stand-Up Performances
 1 The Beginnings and the Evolution of Franco-Maghrebi Stand-Up Comedy in France and Its Influences
 2 The Phenomenon Called Jamel Debbouze, or Jamelmania
 3 Gad Elmaleh: a Story “sans Tambours”
 4 The Maghrebi Women Stand-Up Paradox

4 The Hip-Hop Culture of the Republic
 1 The Evolution of the Hip-Hop Culture in France
 2 The New Artists in a New Decade and Their Astonishing Mainstream Success: Médine, Sinik, Abd Al Malik, and Kery James
 3 The Female French Rappers in a “Man’s Man’s World” (James Brown)

5 Franco-Maghrebi Visual Arts: the New Ways of Visualizing Diversity
 1 Artistic Perspectives on the (Un)veiling of the Body: Majida Khattari, Body and Veil
 2 The Franco-Maghrebi Artists’ Video Installations and Photographic Journeys of (Self)Discovery: Bruno Boudjelal’s Jours intranquilles (2009)

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