Scripture Re-envisioned: Christophanic Exegesis and the Making of a Christian Bible


Scripture Re-envisioned discusses the christological exegesis of biblical theophanies and argues its crucial importance for the appropriation of the Hebrew Bible as the Christian Old Testament. The Emmaus episode in Luke 24 and its history of interpretation serve as the methodological and hermeneutical prolegomenon to the early Christian exegesis of theophanies. Subsequent chapters discuss the reception history of Genesis 18; Exodus 3 and 33; Psalm 98/99 and 131/132; Isaiah 6; Habakkuk 3:2 (LXX); Daniel 3 and 7. Bucur shows that the earliest, most widespread and enduring reading of these biblical texts, namely their interpretation as "christophanies"— manifestations of the Logos-to-be-incarnate—constitutes a robust and versatile exegetical tradition, which lent itself to doctrinal reflection, apologetics, polemics, liturgical anamnesis and doxology

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Bogdan Gabriel Bucur, Ph.D. (Marquette University, 2007) is Associate Professor of Theology at Duquesne University. He is the author of Angelomorphic Pneumatology: Clement of Alexandria and Other Early Christian Witnesses (Brill, 2009) and of numerous scholarly articles.
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1 “He Opened the Scriptures to Us” (Luke 24:32): The Theophany at Emmaus as Prolegomenon to a Christologically Re-Envisioned Bible

2 “Before Abraham Was, I Am”: Re-Envisioning the Theophany at Mamre (Genesis 18)

3 Ὁ ὤν εὐλογητὸς Χριστὸς ὁ Θεὸς ἡμῶν: Re-Envisioning the Burning Bush (Exodus 3)

4 Jesus on Sinai, Moses on Tabor: Re-Envisioning the “Sinai Complex” in Light of Tabor

5 “Worship at the Footstool of His Feet”: Re-Envisioning Exodus 24, Ps 98/99:5 and Ps 131/132:7

6 “Isaiah Saw His Glory”: Re-Envisioning Prophetic Visions

7 ἐν µέσῳ δύο ζῴων γνωσθήσῃ: Observations on Hab 3:2 (lxx) and Its Reception

8 The Son of Man and Ancient of Days: Re-Envisioning Daniel 7

9 He Who Saved the Three Youths in the Furnace: Re-Envisioning Daniel 3

10 The Problem of Symbolization in Christophanic Exegesis: Allegory, Typology, “Rewritten Bible”?

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Scholars and graduate students in the areas of Biblical Reception, Early Christian Studies, and Byzantine Studies.
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