The Patient-Doctor Dynamics

Examining Current Trends in the Global Healthcare Sector


This book provides an insight into research conducted by participants attending The Patient: Examining Realities: 5th Global Conference, held in Oxford, England, 14-16 September, 2016. These attendees and subsequent volume contributors include medical professionals and healthcare providers employed by reputable academic institutions, and who take a both scientific and practical interest in the healthcare industry and its practices. The book also includes discourses by academics with a more theoretical interest in health and the complex doctor-patient relationship. Research presented herein is both steeped in cultural traditions and reflective of new trends in certain countries across the globe. Theories, practices and trends highlighted in the book are ultimately universal in that they concern all of us on a global level.

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Jytte Holmqvist, PhD. (2015) is a researcher and university tutor with a PhD in Screen and Media Culture from the University of Melbourne. She has taught at a number of universities to date and writes on film and cultural issues.
The reader is interested in science and healthcare, current healthcare practices and the physical and mental aspects of being a patient. They are concerned with the human condition in general.