A Companion to the English Dominican Province  

From Its Beginnings to the Reformation 


A Companion to the English Dominican Province offers an account of Dominican activities in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales from their arrival in 1221 until their dissolution at the Reformation. Over the three centuries covered in this volume, the Friars Preachers not only devoted themselves to the cure of souls via preaching and hearing confessions, but they also represented English kings on diplomatic missions, influenced politics and society, and contributed to cultural, intellectual, and religious life across the British Isles.

Contributors include: Janet Burton, Alexander Collins, Eleanor J. Giraud, Anne-Julie Lafaye, J. Cornelia Linde, Nigel J. Morgan, Richard Oram, Andrew Reeves, Jens Röhrkasten, John T. Slotemaker, Karen Stöber, Steven Watts, and Jeffrey C. Witt.

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Eleanor J. Giraud, Ph.D. (2013, University of Cambridge) is Lecturer of Ritual Chant and Song at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Her research and publications focus on the chant, liturgy, and notation of the Dominican Order in the Middle Ages.

J. Cornelia Linde, Ph.D. (2009, The Warburg Institute, University of London) is Professor of Medieval History at the University of Greifswald. She has published on the cultural and intellectual history of the Dominican Order.
"This outstanding volume contains twelve substantial chapters by leading scholars on the growth and life of the medieval English and Scottish Dominican Provinces in the British Isles [...] The work is particularly to be commended for not limiting itself to England but in covering the entirety of the province. Each chapter is meticulously researched, generally up-to-date, and has its own bibliography at the end [...] an essential reference work for English mendicant studies and a worthy marker of the Province’s eight hundredth anniversary of foundation."

Richard Finn OP, in New Blackfriars, 102-1100
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Notes on Contributors

1 The English Dominican Province from Its Beginnings to the Reformation: An Introduction
  Eleanor J. Giraud and J. Cornelia Linde

Space and Place

2 Dominicans in England and Their Relations with the Crown
  Jens Röhrkasten

3 Dominican Friaries in the Medieval Landscapes of Britain and Ireland: A Comparative Study
  Anne-Julie Lafaye

4 The Dominicans in Scotland, 1230–1560
  Richard Oram

5 The Dominicans in Wales
  Janet Burton and Karen Stöber

Preaching and Pastoral Care

6 Master Jordan of Saxony and Early Dominican Preaching in England (1229–1230)
  Steven Watts

7 Pastoral Care: Dominican Friars as Confessors and Catechists in 13th-Century England
  Andrew Reeves

Education and Intellectual Life

8 The Educational Landscape of the English Dominican Province
  J. Cornelia Linde

9 The English Dominican Intellectual Tradition
  John T. Slotemaker and Jeffrey C. Witt

Devotional Cultures

10 “Do It Well and Thoroughly, for It Will Be Shown to Important People”: Art in the English Dominican Province, ca.1221–ca.1540
  Alexander Collins

11 Dominican Chant and Liturgical Practices in the English Province
  Eleanor J. Giraud

12 The Liturgical Manuscripts of the English Dominicans, ca.1250–ca.1530
  Nigel J. Morgan


All those interested in the Dominican Order as well as the cultural history of the British Isles, including graduate students, academics, as well as the broader educated public. Keywords: Medieval England, Medieval Scotland, Medieval Wales, Medieval Ireland, Order of Preachers, Mendicants, 1221–1560 AD, Later Middle Ages, History of Christianity, Religious Orders.
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