Die Geheimnisse der oberen und der unteren Welt: Magie im Islam zwischen Glaube und Wissenschaft

Die Geheimnisse der oberen und der unteren Welt ( The Secrets of the Upper and the Lower World) is a substantial new collection of essays on magic in Islamic cultural history. Both comprehensive and innovative in its approach, this book offers fresh insights into an important yet still understudied area of Islamic intellectual history. The seventeen chapters deal with key aspects of Islamic magic, including its historical developments, geographical variants, and modern-day practices. The general introduction identifies and problematizes numerous sub-topics and key practitioners/theoreticians in the Arabo-Islamic context. This, along with terminological and bibliographical appendices, makes the volume an unparalleled reference work for both specialists and a broader readership. Contributors: Ursula Bsees, Johann Christoph Bürgel, Susanne Enderwitz, Hans Daiber; Sebastian Günther, Mahmoud Haggag, Maher Jarrar, Anke Joisten-Pruschke, Fabian Käs, Ulrich Marzolph, Christian Mauder, Tobias Nünlist, Khanna Omarkhali, Eva Orthmann, Bernd-Christian Otto, Dorothee Pielow, Lutz Richter-Bernburg, Johanna Schott & Johannes Thomann.

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Sebastian Günther is Professor and Chair of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Göttingen. A specialist in Islamic thought, his publications include, with Todd Lawson, Roads to Paradise: Eschatology and Concepts of the Hereafter in Islam (Brill 2016). Dorothee Pielow (Lauer), PhD in Arabic Studies and Ethnology, is a member of the University of Göttingen academic staff, with her current research focusing on magic in Islam. Her publications include Lilith und ihre Schwestern (1998, 2001).
".. the most comprehensive overview of this topic in existence..." George Archer in Reading Religion, August 22, 2017. "The very act of bringing together such a large number of specialists in different areas of Islamic studies is an accomplishment in itself, and it is a timely one... Roads to Paradise maps out a beginning of modern academic research into Muslim eschatology." Sajjad Rizvi in Al-Abhath 64, 2016.
Those interested in contemporary and historical Islam, the history of ideas and of the sciences generally, as well as the theories and practices of magic in Islam in particular.