Matters of Telling: The Impulse of the Story


In this book, multiple authors and perspectives converge on the materiality of storytelling in order to court its potentialities and flesh out its tensions. Reflecting through its methodological multiplicity not only the vast array of discourses and disciplines that concern themselves with the study of narration, but also the various and variable subjects of the act of telling, the collective effort of this volume is less to map or track than to amplify the possibilities of contingent situations, embodied relations and specific texts in which, beyond the tale, the telling itself speaks and matters.
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Biographical Note

Carlo Comanducci, Ph.D. (2016), is a junior film scholar and currently teaches film and cultural studies at Vistula University in Warsaw. He has published on various topics, from politics to psychoanalysis and from film theory to queer theory and gesture. Alex Wilkinson, Ph.D. (2013), Lancaster University, was formerly a lecturer in history at Lancaster University, where he focused upon affect, narrativity and the philosophy of history, publishing a number of articles. He has since moved into the UK Civil Service.


Scholars from different disciplines and storytellers interested in a critical perspective on the ethical, theoretical and textual implications of the act of telling, across literature, philosophy, psychology and the arts.


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