World of Diasporas: Different Perceptions on the Concept of Diaspora


This book offers fascinating insights into the concept of diaspora by presenting a portrait gallery of writers highlighting diasporas on Welsh, Mauritian, Palestinian, Circassian Kurdish, British Sikh, Dutch Hindustani, Indian, Tamil and African experiences. Harjinder Singh Majhail and Sinan Dogan present the world of diasporas in interesting portrayals such as Gulnur’s research into Circassian history lying hidden in Yistanbulako elegy, Enaya’s visits into Milwaukee in Wisconsin where Palestinian Muslim women marry outside their religion because of the non-availability of suitable partners in their community and Harjinder Majhail’s sojourns into J. K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy portraying a teenager girl’s brave encounters in British Sikh diaspora. Contributors are Vitor Lopes Andrade, Kimberly Berg, Amenah Jahangeer Chojoo, Gülnur Demirci, Sinan Doğan, Jaswina Elahi, Ruben Gawricharn, Lola Guyot, Nadine Hassouneh, Harjinder Singh Majhail and Enaya Hammad Othman.

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Harjinder Singh Majhail, Ph. D. (2004), Panjab University, Chandigarh, is the former Professor/Head of English Department and Dean at Chandigarh University, presently researching in identity at Derby University, U.K. He has published many articles and books on Philosophy including Japuji (UNISTAR, 2007). Sinan Doğan is PhD student in the Department of Anthropology at University of Pittsburgh. His research interests include neoliberalism, psychological anthropology, anthropology of mental health, and post-socialism.
All interested in African, Asian, European, Circassian, Dutch Hindustani, Kurdish, Palestinian, Sikh, Tamil, and Welsh diasporas and all researching in diasporic areas including Migration, Transcultural, Transnational, Exile and Refugee Resettlement Studies.
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