Investigations in Medieval Stained Glass

Materials, Methods, and Expressions


With many excellent books on medieval stained glass available, the reader of this anthology may well ask: “what is the contribution of this collection?” In this book, we have chosen to step away from national, chronological, and regional models. Instead, we started with scholars doing interesting work in stained glass, and called upon colleagues to contribute studies that represent the diversity of approaches to the medium, as well as up-to-date bibliographies for work in the field.

Contributors are: Wojciech Balus, Karine Boulanger, Sarah Brown, Elizabeth Carson Pastan, Madeline H. Caviness, Michael W. Cothren, Francesca Dell’Acqua, Uwe Gast, Françoise Gatouillat, Anne Granboulan, Anne F. Harris, Christine Hediger, Michel Hérold, Timothy B. Husband, Alyce A. Jordan, Herbert L. Kessler, David King, Brigitte Kurmann-Schwarz, Claudine Lautier, Ashley J. Laverock, Meredith P. Lillich, Isabelle Pallot-Frossard, Hartmut Scholz, Mary B. Shepard, Ellen M. Shortell, Nancy M. Thompson.

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Elizabeth Carson Pastan, Ph.D. (1986), Brown University, is Professor of Art History at Emory University in Atlanta, and President of the American Committee of the Corpus Vitrearum. Her publications concern all aspects of Medieval Art and Architecture, and especially stained glass, as well as the Bayeux Embroidery.

Brigitte Kurmann-Schwarz, Ph.D. (1984), Bern University (Switzerland), Habilitation (1997) Mainz, Gutenberg University, was Professor (Titularprofessorin) of Art History at Zürich University and researcher at the Vitrocentre Romont. She has published monographs and many article on Medieval art, particularly stained glass.
'This is a rich cornucopia of studies [...] [the material] is all of a high calibre, and spans a wide diversity of subjects, approaches and methodologies. The 193 illustrations are mostly in colour, and are supplemented by a considerable number of very useful references to on-line image databases. There is an introduction by the editors which orients the reader both to the book and to stained glass studies more generally, and a general index is provided. This book thus offers a great deal and caters to many different interests. It serves both the scholar and the student, with clear, authoritative contributions, each with an up-to-date bibliography, that will interest a wide variety of readers, including not just art historians but anyone interested in the Middle Ages, or in medievalism. It can certainly be read through cover to cover, but the contributions are independent from one another, facilitating a wide variety of selective reading strategies. This is a very useful book.' James Bugslag, in The Medieval Review 21.10.33, October 2021. See the full review here.
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Notes on Contributors

Elizabeth Carson Pastan and Brigitte Kurmann-Schwarz

Visual and Documentary Testimonies
1 The Medieval Glazier at Work
Sarah Brown
2 Early History of Stained Glass
Francesca Dell’Acqua
3 Longing for the Heavens: Romanesque Stained Glass in the Plantagenet Domain
Anne Granboulan
4 Chartres: Glazing the Cathedral
Claudine Lautier
5 Design and Execution in Southern German Stained Glass of the Late Middle Ages and the Age of Dürer
Hartmut Scholz

Light and the Aperture
6 A Matter of Matter: Transparent – Translucent – Diaphanum in the Medium of Stained Glass
Wojciech Balus
7 Stained Glass and the Gothic Interior in the 12th and 13th Centuries
Ellen M. Shortell
8 Windows in Domestic Settings in France in the Late Middle Ages: Enclosure and Decoration in the Social Living Space
Michel Hérold
9 “Consider the Glass, It Can Teach You”: the Medium’s Lesson
Herbert L. Kessler

Approaches to Glass
10 Performative Interaction of Liturgy and Light through the Medium of Painted Glass
Madeline H. Caviness
11 Stories in Windows: the Architectonics of Narrative
Alyce A. Jordan
12 The Reception of Stained Glass
Anne F. Harris
13 Using Style to Interpret Medieval Stained Glass: a Case Study at Beauvais
Michael W. Cothren
14 Saints’ Lives and Stained Glass
Ashley J. Laverock
15 Female Donors of Medieval Stained-Glass Windows
Christine Hediger

Types of Glass
16 Regarding the Early Rose Window
Elizabeth Carson Pastan
17 French Grisaille Glass
Meredith P. Lillich
18 Architecture, Liturgical Space, and Glazed Decoration: the Example of the Upper Windows of Bourges Cathedral
Karine Boulanger
19 The Silver-Stained Roundel in Northern Europe
Timothy B. Husband

Workshopping the Window
20 Medieval Textual Sources on Stained Glass: From Theophilus to the Monk of Zagan
Brigitte Kurmann-Schwarz
21 The Creation of Stained Glass in Central Italy, 1250–1400
Nancy M. Thompson
22 Medieval Glaziers’ Workshops in Norwich
David King
23 French 14th-Century Stained Glass and Other Arts
Françoise Gatouillat

Post-Medieval Reflections
24 The Beginnings of Stained-Glass Collecting in Germany
Uwe Gast
25 Out of Context: Portraits of Private Collectors and Their Medieval Stained Glass
Mary B. Shepard
26 Stained Glass: Heritage and Creation, Materiality in All Its States
Isabelle Pallot-Frossard

In assembling the representative and interesting approaches for this anthology, our goals are threefold: to encourage exchanges among scholars working in different aspects of the field of stained glass; to communicate to scholars whose work has concerned glass only peripherally to date; and to offer interesting and up-to date views of work in stained glass for students wishing to learn about the field.
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