Belonging: Rethinking Inclusive Practices to Support Well-Being and Identity


In Belonging: Rethinking Inclusive Practices to Support Well-Being and Identity, issues related to inclusive education and belonging across a range of education contexts from early childhood to tertiary education are examined and matters related to participation, policy and theory, and identity and well-being are explored. Individual chapters, which are drawn from papers presented at The Inclusive Education Summit held at the University of Canterbury, 2016, canvass a variety of topics including pedagogy, sexuality, theory, policy and practice. These topics are explored from the authors’ varying perspectives as practitioners, academics and lay-persons and also from varying international perspectives including New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

Contributors are: Keith Ballard, Henrietta Bollinger, Hera Cook, Michael Gafffney, Annie Guerin, Fiona Henderson, Leechin Heng, Kate McAnelly, Trish McMenamin, Be Pannell, Christine Rietveld, Marie Turner, Ben Whitburn, Julie White, and Melanie Wong.

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Annie Guerin has worked in a variety of teaching roles for over thirty years in primary and secondary schools in New Zealand. Most of this work has been undertaken in rural schools on the west coast of New Zealand's South Island. Most recently Annie has worked as a lecturer at the University of Canterbury. Her work has focussed strongly on inclusive education, assessment, authentic home / school partnerships and establishing cultures of belonging. Annie's work continues to privilege the knowledge of disabled people and their whanau/families as informing a better way forward for education in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Trish McMenamin is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Educational Studies and Leadership at the University of Canterbury. Her research interests include philosophy of education, inclusive education and education policy. She has published articles in these areas in scholarly journals including the Cambridge Journal of Education and Policy Futures in Education.
Notes on Contributors

1 Introduction: Setting the Scene
Trish McMenamin and Annie Guerin>
2 What Happens Next? Inclusion in an Excluding World
Keith Ballard>

PART 1: Participation – Belonging in Action

3 Inclusion and Autism: Belonging
Marie Turner, Gwen Gilmore and Scott Welsh>
4 Theory Circles, Inclusion and the PhD student
Be Pannell, Julie White and Fiona Henderson>
5 Achieving Citizenship for All: Theorising Active Participation for Disabled Children and Their Families in Early Childhood Education
Kate McAnnelly and Michael Gaffney>

PART 2: Policy and Theory to Support Belonging

6 The Construction of Giftedness in Education Policy in New Zealand and Australia: Implications for Inclusive Education Policy and Practice
Melanie Wong and Ben Whitburn>
7 Employing Intersectionality and the Concept of Difference to Investigate Belonging and Inclusion
Leechin Heng and Julie White>

PART 3: Identity and Well-being – Keys to Belonging

8 The Impact of Inclusive Education and Access to Sexuality Education on the Development of Identity in Young People Living with Disability
Henrietta Bollinger and Hera Cook>
9 Quality of “Belonging” and its Relationship to Learning: Case Studies of Three New Entrant Children and a 12-Year Old with Down Syndrome
Christine Rietveld>
The book will appeal to academics, students and practitioners in disciplines including: education, sociology, social policy, early childhood, disability studies, and youth studies and others interested in inclusive education.