The Negotiated Self

Employing Reflexive Inquiry to Explore Teacher Identity

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Teacher identity resides in the foundational beliefs and assumptions educators have about teaching and learning. These beliefs and assumptions develop both inside and outside of the classroom, blurring the lines between the professional and the personal. Examining the development of teacher identity at this intersection requires a unique reflexive capacity.

Reflexive inquiry is both established and continually emerging. At its most basic, reflexivity refers to researchers’ consciousness of their role in and effect on both the act of doing research and arriving at research findings. In making central the role of the researcher in the research process, reflexive inquiry interrogates agency while examining philosophical notions about the nature of knowledge.

While advancements have been made in investigating the relationship between teacher knowledge and teacher practice, the research often fails to connect this meaning with self-knowledge and issues of identity. Through a consideration of these tenets, the authors in this collection embrace critical, qualitative, creative, and arts-integrated approaches to examine ways that reflexive inquiry supports studies in teacher identity. Moving between theory and lived experience, the authors individually and collectively lay bare teacher identity as negotiated while evidencing the epistemological merits of reflexive inquiry.

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Ellyn Lyle, PhD (2011), Memorial University, is Dean in the Faculty of Education at Yorkville University. She has published several peer-reviewed articles and books in the areas of reflexive inquiry, narrative inquiry, teacher identity, and lived and living curriculum. This is her sixth book, four of which are published with Sense/Brill.
"In The Negotiated Self: Employing Reflexive Inquiry to Explore Teacher Identity each author sings with truth and commitment. This book is like a mob scene in a Muppets movie where the camera pans over many excited faces with mouths and eyes wide open as everybody celebrates the joy of being together, the delight of singing in a wild jam session! There is so much going on in this eclectic and electric book that you will always be shaken, stirred, and startled. This book is a bus filled with creative scholars who are thrilled to be in a network of lively, funny, wise activists. Some of the scholars have years of experience in education, and others are at the beginning of their research. These authors know they have negotiated their selves, and they know that their selves are continuing to negotiate them, just as we all negotiate together." – Carl Leggo, poet & professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
David W. Jardine
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Author Biographies

1 Untangling Sel(f)ves through A/R/Tography
Ellyn Lyle
2 Butterflies in the Knapsack: An Exploration of a Teacher’s Identity
Julie K. Corkett
3 Trumpism, Truthiness, and the Gospel of Education
Sean Wiebe
4 Learning to Become a Pedagogically-Engaged, Democratic Teacher: Self-Study Using Dewey’s Reflective Thinking Method
Isabel Martínez-Cuenca
5 Reflexive Inquiry, Artistic Selves, and Epistemological Expansion
Heather McLeod, Cecile Badenhorst and Haley Toll
6 (Re)Constructing Anti-Colonial Teacher Identities through Reflexive Inquiry
Adrian Downey and Casey Burkholder
7 Exploring Ecological Literacy in Teacher Identity: Reflexive Inquiry through a Learning Garden Curricula
Andrejs Kulnieks and Kelly Young
8 Responding Aesthetically: Using Artistic Expression and Dialogical Reflection to Transform Adversity
Sara Florence Davidson
9 Teacher Identity in Formation: Social Change, Student Engagement, and a Spiritual Encounter
Guopeng Fu and Anthony Clarke
10 Currere: Negotiating One’s Failure to Represent
Valerie Triggs
11 Who Are You? Developing Teacher Identity Through an Ethics of Intersubjectivity
Lana Parker
12 Self-Defining as Professionally Secular in the Public Space: Reflecting on Teacher Identity and Practice
Melanie Bennett-Stonebanks and C. Darius Stonebanks
13 Sharing Stories: Duoethnographically Evoking Mathematics Teacher Identities through Narratives
Derek Markides and Sandy Miller
14 Becoming Community: Ranya’s Story of Intergenerational Teaching and Learning in Art Education
Anita Sinner
15 Symbolic World, Reflexivity, and Intentionality in the Construction of Academic Professional Identities (APIs)
Evelyn Morales Vázquez
16 Critical Conversations on Reflexive Inquiry in Field Experiences
S. Laurie Hill, Amy Burns, Patricia Danyluk and Kathryn Crawford
17 Preservice Teachers Explore Their Development as Teachers of Reading
Beverley Brenna and Andrea Dunk
18 Insider/Outsider: Border Crossing, Liminality, and Disrupting Concepts of Teacher Identities through a Prototypical Lens
Christine Cho
19 Reflexive Inquiry as a Scaffold for Teacher Identity Exploration during the First Year of Teaching
Dana Vedder-Weiss, Liel Biran, Avi Kaplan and Joanna K. Garner
Professors of Education will find this a valuable resource for teacher education courses in Reflexive Inquiry, Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, Teaching Methods, Curriculum, and Current Issues in Education.
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