Exploring Pedagogic Frailty and Resilience

Case Studies of Academic Narrative

Exploring Pedagogic Frailty and Resilience presents the practical application of the frailty model to demonstrate how it may be used to support the professional development of university teachers. Case studies from colleagues representing a diverse variety of disciplines illustrate how the development of a reflective narrative can be initiated and framed through the use of concept map-mediated interviews. The emerging accounts share a common structure to facilitate comparison across academic disciplines.

Chapters are written by academic leaders – colleagues who are recognised as excellent teachers within their disciplines and whose voices will be acknowledged as offering authentic commentary on the current state of university teaching. These commentaries offer a unique resource for other academics who may be tempted to reflect on their teaching in a scholarly manner, or to university managers and academic developers who want to explore the detail that lies beneath broad surveys of teaching quality and investigate the factors that can either support the development of teaching or impede its progress.

This collection of narratives drawn from a single institution will resonate with the experiences of teachers in higher education more broadly through areas of common interest and regions of generalisability that can be explored to inform professional development of university teachers in other institutional and national contexts.

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Biographical Note
Ian M. Kinchin is Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Higher Education at the University of Surrey. He is editor of the Journal of Biological Education. He has published extensively on science education and academic development.

Naomi E. Winstone is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education within the Department of Higher Education at the University of Surrey. Her research interests focus on cognition and learning and the application of psychological theory to educational contexts.
Review Quotes

“Concept mapping and the pedagogic frailty model form a powerful combination to drive reflection upon professional development, which is critical to respond rapidly to changes in the higher education system. This book is a must-read for any academic who wishes to become a resilient teacher.” – Paulo Correia, Professor, University of São Paulo, Brazil

“Increasing pedagogic frailty is one of the biggest risks for academic quality in universities. This book gives a systematic, compact and research-based view about contemporary issues related to university teaching. It helped me to see the problems in my own university, and more importantly, it gave me ideas for solving them. I recommend this book to everybody who is involved in teaching at universities - from novice teachers to professors, administrators and senior managers.” – Priit Reiska, Professor, Tallinn University, Estonia
Table of contents
Jane Powell
Notes on Contributors

1. Exploring Pedagogic Frailty in Practice
Ian M. Kinchin and Naomi E. Winstone
2. Chemistry
Daniel Whelligan
3. Engineering
S. Alireza Behnejad
4. Psychology
Jane Ogden
5. Nursing
Cathrine Derham
6. Business
Andy Adcroft
7. Politics
Simon Usherwood
8. Law
Luke Mason
9. Language Studies
Dawn Marley
10. Events Management
Graham Berridge
11. Acting
Anna McNamara
12. Academic Development
Emma Medland
13. Learning Development
Laura Barnett
14. Pedagogic Frailty and Resilience in Context
Naomi E. Winstone and Ian M. Kinchin
13. Learning Development
Laura Barnett
14. Pedagogic Frailty and Resilience in Context
Naomi E. Winstone and Ian M. Kinchin
All interested in the development of teaching quality in Higher Education and the professional development of university teachers.
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