Cross-Linguistic Perspectives on the Semantics of Grammatical Aspect


The volume proposes original semantic analyses on items marking grammatical aspect. The contributions deal with structurally divergent languages, setting to the fore some less studied forms coding aspect, revisiting or challenging certain conventionalized views on aspectual categories and shedding light on interactions between aspect and modality, another multifaceted semantic category. In doing so, the volume is intended to emphasize the diversity of aspectual systems and the fuzzy semantics of grammatical aspect and help the reader to make their own mind on a topic traditionally viewed as a subcategory of verbal aspect together with lexical aspect.

Contributors are Denis Apothéloz, Trang Phan and Nigel Duffield, Galia Hatav, Jens Fleischhauer and Ekaterina Gabrovska, Stephen M. Dickey, Adeline Patard, Laura Baranzini, Jaroslava Obrtelova.

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Adeline Patard, Ph.D. (2007), University of Paul-Valéry – Montpellier III, is Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Caen Normandy. Her research focuses on the diachrony of French ( Grande Grammaire Historique du Français 2019), linguistic change ( JFLS, 2015) and the semantics-pragmatics of tense, aspect and modality ( Journal of Pragmatics, 2014).

Rea Peltola, Ph.D. (2011), University of Helsinki, is Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Caen Normandy. Her research focuses on interfaces between modality and other semantic categories, including animacy ( Open Linguistics, 2018) and perception ( Nordic Journal of Linguistics, 2018).

Emmanuelle Roussel, Ph.D. (1995), Sorbonne University, is Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Caen Normandy. She has published papers on aspect, tense, pragmatics ( Autour des formes implicites, 2017) and biolinguistics ( Perception(s) de la linéarité : quelles interprétations ?, 2015; Perception visuelle et triade temporelle (Digonnet (eds), 2018, 125-154).
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1 Introduction: Cross-Linguistic Perspectives on the Semantics of Grammatical AspectAdeline Patard, Rea Peltola and Emmanuelle Roussel

Part 1 News on Perfects

2 La surcomposition verbale et ses emplois en françaisDenis Apothéloz
3 The Vietnamese Perfect: A Compositional AnalysisTang Phan and Nigel Duffield

Part 2 Issues on Perfectivity

4 Perfectivity and Reference-Time BuildingGalia Hatav
5 Perfectivity and Atelicity: The Role of Perfective Aspect in Aspectual CompositionJens Fleischhauer and Ekaterina Gabrovska

Part 3 Aspect Meets Modality and (Inter)subjectivity

6 Subjectivity, Intersubjectivity, and the Aspect of Imperatives in Slavic LanguagesStephen M. Dickey
7 To the Roots of Fake Tense and CounterfactualityAdeline Patard
8 Le « récit de récit » à l’ imparfait en italien : la piste évidentielleLaura Baranzini

Part 4 Grammatical Aspect Challenged

9 Discourse-Pragmatic Functions of Tense-Aspect Verb Forms in WakhiJaroslava Obrtelova
All interested in cross-linguistic diversity in grammatical constructions and anyone concerned with aspect, especially the issues of perfects and perfectivity, as well as the connections between aspect and modality.