World-Class Universities

Towards a Global Common Good and Seeking National and Institutional Contributions


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In the era marked by globalization and its profound impacts on individuals, societies, states and markets, world-class universities need to position themselves in the forefront of seeking conceptual and practical solutions to daunting challenges by paying greater attention to their roles in serving local society and contributing to global common goods. Based on the findings of the Seventh International Conference on World-Class Universities, World-Class Universities: Towards a Global Common Good and Seeking National and Institutional Contributions provides updated insights and debates on how world-class universities will contribute to the global common good and balance their global, national and local roles in doing so.

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Yan Wu is Assistant Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She was responsible for the Global Research University Profiles (GRUP) project, which started in 2011 and has been developing a database on the facts and figures of around 1200 research universities in the world.
Qi Wang, Ph.D. (2008), University of Bath, UK, is Assistant Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and research fellow at the Center for International Higher Education, Boston College.
Nian Cai Liu, Ph.D., Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada, is Professor and Director of the Center for World-Class Universities and Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His research interests include world-class universities and research universities, university evaluation and academic ranking, research evaluation and science policy, globalization and internationalization of higher education. Professor Liu has published extensively in both Chinese and English.
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1 World-Class Universities: Towards a Global Common Good and Seeking National and Institutional Contributions
Yan Wu, Qi Wang and Nian Cai Liu

PART 1: Global and Theoretical Perspectives

2 Global Cooperation and National Competition in the World-Class University Sector
Simon Marginson
3 World-Class Universities and Higher Education Differentiation: The Necessity of Systems
Philip G. Altbach
4 World-Class Universities in a Post-Truth World
Pierre de Maret and Jamil Salmi
5 Examining Rankings and Strategic Planning: Variations in Local Commitments
Jenny J. Lee, Hillary Vance and Bjørn Stensaker
6 World-Class Universities: A Dual Identity Related to Global Common Good(s)
Lin Tian
7 The Art of Starting a New University Lessons of Experience
Jamil Salmi

PART 2: National and Regional Responses

8 The Role of American World-Class Universities in Serving the Global Common Good
Genevieve G. Shaker and William M. Plater
9 Pursuing Excellence in Graduate Education and Research While Serving Regional Development
Rita Karam, Charles A. Goldman, Daniel Basco and Diana Gehlhaus Carew
10 World-Class Universities’ Contribution to an Open Society: Chinese Universities on a Mission?
Marijk van der Wende
11 World-Class Universities and the Global Common Good: The Role of China and the US in Addressing Global Inequality
Gerard A. Postiglione and Ailei Xie
12 What Are the Benefits and Risks of Internationalization of Japanese Higher Education?
Futao Huang
13 State and World-Class Universities: Seeking a Balance between International Competitiveness, Local and National Relevance
Isak Froumin and Mikhail Lisyutkin
All students and academics in the field of higher education generally, and policy makers and informed practitioners.
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