Jesuiten in Hitlers Wehrmacht

Kriegslegitimation und Kriegserfahrung


Annähernd 700 Jesuiten dienten als Soldaten in der Wehrmacht. Im Krieg Hitlers führten sie ihren eigenen, 'katholischen' Krieg. Ein unerwarteter Einblick in ein bisher unbekanntes Kapitel der Geschichte des Zweiten Weltkriegs. Der Jesuitenorden machte der Autorin die bisher gesperrten Akten zugänglich. Auf der Basis Tausender von Feldpostbriefen analysiert sie, wie diese Soldaten den Krieg legitimierten und erfuhren, wie die milites Christi sich selbst und den Gegner sahen (z. B. 'Juden' als 'Bolschewisten' und 'Kommissare').
Since its foundation in 1999, the series 'War in History' has illustrated in numerous volumes the enormous variety of questions and perspectives generated by the subject area of war studies. The series focuses on the role of war and the military in different historical periods and societies since antiquity. The term "war" covers the entire range of armed conflicts between competing military or paramilitary groups, combat units or states in all their forms, from battles fought on battlefields to highly technical forms of warfare targeting the civilian population. The historiographical study of war cannot be done in isolation from the military and civil society. The editors of 'Krieg in der Geschichte' are methodologically connected to the "new" and critical military history, which has developed since the 1990s in the German-speaking world also. In particular, war and military history has benefited greatly from its expansion to include perspectives from social, everyday, cultural, mental, and gender history. The series sees it as its task to make visible the close link between military and society and to show how the historically different military associations are embedded in civilian society and are shaped by it, conversely also intervening in this society in a strongly normative and regulating way.

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