Christianity in Northern Malaŵi

Donald Fraser's Missionary Methods and Ngoni Culture


Christianity in Northern Malawi deals with the interaction of the missionary methods of the Scottish missionary Donald Fraser and the traditional culture of the Ngoni people of northern Malawi in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
It looks at Ngoni origins and culture prior to first contacts with the missionaries, at the early life and ideas of Fraser, and at Fraser's disagreements with some of his Scottish colleagues. There are also sections on Ngoni interactions with the early colonial government, and the development of a genuinely Ngoni Church.
The book uses primary and oral sources, some of which were not previously available.

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T. Jack Thompson, Ph.D. (1980) in African Church History, University of Edinburgh, is now Lecturer in Mission Studies at the Centre for the Study of Christianity, University of Edinburgh.
' ...excellent reading.'
Ennio Mantovani, Verbum SVD, 1996.
All those interested in the development of Christianity in Africa in the late nineteenth century, and especially in the history of Malawi. A must for all university libraries in Africa, and those world-wide with an interest in African studies; also Scottish church historians and students.