Time to Prepare the Way in the Wilderness

Papers on the Qumran Scrolls by Fellows of the Institute for Advanced Studies of The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1989-1990


This collection of articles on the Dead Sea Scrolls by fellows at the Institute for Advanced Studies of The Hebrew University (1989-1990) represents the ongoing work of editing and interpreting one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the century. This volume includes articles on the contents and significance of the scrolls, the biblical scrolls, the legal rulings of the sectarians and their prayer texts.

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Devorah Dimant, Ph.D. (1974, Hebrew University) is Associate Professor of Bible at the University of Haifa, Israel, specializing in Dead Sea Scrolls, Apocrypha and post-biblical literature.
Lawrence H. Schiffman, Ph.D. (1974, Brandeis University), is Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at New York University. He is an expert on Judaism in Late Antiquity, Jewish law, Talmud, and Dead Sea Scrolls. He authored Halakhah at Qumran (Brill, 1975) and serves as one of the editors of the journal Dead Sea Discoveries (Brill, Leiden).
' ...we may find in this book many important essays which are useful to see the Dead See Scrolls and the many problems they pose in a new light. Devorah Dimant and Lawrence H. Schiffman are therefore to be thanked for placing at our disposal the significant contributions collected in this volume.'
Corrado Martone, Journal for the Study of Judaism, 1995.
Of interest to academic libraries, graduate students in religion and Late Antiquity, specialists in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Bible, and the Ancient Near East.