Eusebius, Christianity and Judaism


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Eusebius of Caesarea lived at a crucial turning point in the history of the Christian church. He was an important witness to the polemical and apologetic attitudes that characterized much early Christian literature. The most voluminous writer of the early fourth century, he was also the first comprehensive historian of his community seeking a philosophy to explain the whole course of history from the beginning to his own time.
This volume places Eusebius' work in proper perspective. The contributors, all recognized specialists in early Christianity, shed light on the person and circumstances of Eusebius himself. This collection of essays focuses on elements of the story that Eusebius tells — the story of the early church, its relationship to Judaism, or its confrontation with the Roman Empire — and explores gaps left by Eusebius. The writers offer a cross-section of current scholarly methods in the study of early Christianity and Judaism.

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Harold W. Attridge is Dean of the College of Arts and Letters and Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at the University of Notre Dame.
Gohei Hata is a faculty member of Tama Bijutsu University and a lecturer at Tokyo Union Theological Seminary.
'...a magnificent volume...'
J.C.M. van Winden, Vigiliae Christianae, 1993.
'...covers a wide spectrum.'
N.R.M. de Lange, SOTS, 1994.
'This fine collection of essays goes far beyond the scope that its title suggests......this volume is a volume that all students of Judaism and Christianity in the relevant period will consult with profit - not only those with a special interest in Eusebius.'
Alden A. Mosshammer, Shofar, 1994.
'This book wil feature in every future bibliography of Eusebian studies.'
Martin Parmentier, Tijdschrift voor Filosofie en Theologie, 1995.
Introduction: Harold W. Attridge and Gohei Hata
I. Christian Origins: Richard Horsley, David Flusser, Philip Sellew, Peter Gorday, and Dennis R. MacDonald.
II. The Growth and Expansion of Christianity: Charles A. Boberz, Sebastian Brock, James E. Goehring, Elizabeth Clark, and Joseph Gutmann.
III. Orthodoxy and Heresy: Birger A. Pearson, William L. Petersen, Alan F. Segal.
IV. The Fate of the Jews: Kikuo Matsunaga, Louis H. Feldman, Alan J. Avery-Peck
V. Eusebius as Apologist: Charles Kannengiesser, William Adler, Arthur J. Droge, Alan Mendelson, Frederick W. Norris.
VI. Eusebius as Exegete: Eugene Ulrich, Wataru Mizugaki, Michael Hollerich.
VII. Eusebius and the Empire: Yoshiaki Sato, T.D. Barnes, Robert M. Grant.
VIII. The Legacy of Eusebius: Glenn F. Chestnut, Walter Pakter, Robert L. Wilken.
students and scholars of early Christianity and Judaism.
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