Cerambycidae of Northern Asia, Volume 2 Cerambycinae, part 1 and 2

Volume II, part 1 contains keys to the tribes based on adult insects, larvae, and pupae of the subfamily Cerambycinae, and information of the ecology of 23 genera and 47 species of the tribes Hesperophanini, Cerambycini, Callidopini, Graciliini, Obriini, Nathriini, Molorchini, Dilusini, Callichromini, Rosaliini, and Callidiini.
The material for part II was collected during many years of investigations. This book presents keys to the genera and species of the tribes Clytini and Stenaspini based on various developmental stages, and a detailed description of the morphology, geographic distribution and biology of cerambycids (14 genera, 61 species).
entomologists, ecologists, zoologists of wider specializations, and workers engaged in the control of forest pests will benefit from this monograph.
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