'Christus Medicus' in der frühchristlichen Sarkophagskulptur

Ikonographische Studien zur Sepulkralkunst des späten vierten Jahrhunderts


This study deals with the representation of Christ's Healing Miracles in early Christian sepulchral art from Provence and Northern Italy.
It sees the imagery through the contemporary exegetical writings and tries thus to uncover new strata of symbolic significance in early Christian art. The aim of the work is to reveal the complex theological concepts reflected in the relief decoration of a small number of late fourth-century sarcophagi and to cast thus light upon the spiritual climate of the sphere the persons who commissioned them were part of.
It also links the narrative structure of representations of medical treatment and miracle scenes in ancient art with the Christian images and establishes new formal and iconographic connexions.
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Biographical Note

Philip David Ezra Knipp, Ph.D. (1995) in Art History, University of Hamburg, is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Warburg Institute, University of London. He has published articles on early Christian and Byzantine art including An "Early Christian" Terracotta Altar, Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes LIX, 1996.

Review Quotes

' Ce beau travail contribute à une meilleue compéhension des logiques de la culture chrétienne ancienne, selon sa dynamique d’ensemble.
Pierre Vallin, recherches de Sciences Religieuse, 2002.


All those interested in early Christian art and thought as well as the cultural history of Late Antiquity as a whole; also art historians, classical archaeologists, theologians, medical historians and Byzantinists.


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