Guiding principles of activity, based on the application of scientific method

What sociologists should know for the radical improvement of the life of man


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Chapter I: Consideration of the Happiness of Earthly Life
Chapter II: A Historical Survey of the Style of Life in Europe
Chapter III: The Meaning of the Good
Chapter IV: Economic Life
Chapter V: Hygienic Living
Chapter VI: Epistemology
Chapter VII: Education
Chapter VIII: Culture and Civilization
Chapter IX: Man and His Geographical Surroundings
Chapter X: History
Chapter XI: Sociology
Chapter XII: The Description of Human Life
Chapter XIII: The Outlook on the World
Chapter XIV: Ancient and Oriental Culture
Chapter XV: The Problems of Economy
Chapter XVI: Democracy and Political Parties
Chapter XVII: The United Nations
Chapter XVIII: The Idea of Ancient Philosophy, the Advance of Science
Chapter XIX: The Future of Humanity
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