Balancing between National Unity and “Multiculturalism”

National Minorities in Lithuania and Finland 1918–1939


The book provides a comprehensive picture of the Finnish and Lithuanian minority policies between the World Wars.
The work also offers an opportunity to compare Finland and Lithuania as well as individual minority groups in this respect. Both countries opted for a policy that was quite tolerant by the standards of the time, but not all minorities were treated in the same way. It is evident that changes in political governance also affected the relationship between the majority (titular) population and national minorities.

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Kari Alenius is Professor in General History and Head of Department at the University of Oulu, Finland.
Saulius Kaubrys is an Associate Professor at Vilnius University‘s Department of Modern History.
Jörg Hackmann, University of Szczecin
Kristina Jõekalda, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn
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Gustavs Strenga, University of Greifswald

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