Revisioning John Chrysostom

New Approaches, New Perspectives


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In Revisioning John Chrysostom, Chris de Wet and Wendy Mayer harness and promote a new wave of scholarship on the life and works of this famous late-antique (c. 350-407 CE) preacher. New theories from the cognitive and neurosciences, cultural and sleep studies, and history of the emotions, among others, meld with reconsideration of lapsed approaches – his debt to Graeco-Roman paideia, philosophy, and now medicine – resulting in sometimes surprising and challenging conclusions. Together the chapters produce a fresh vision of John Chrysostom that moves beyond the often negative views of the 20th century and open up substantially new vistas for exploration.

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Chris L. de Wet, Ph.D. (2013), is Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Studies at University of South Africa. He has published extensively on John Chrysostom, including the monograph Preaching Bondage (University of California Press, 2015). Wendy Mayer, Ph.D. (1996), is Professor and Associate Dean for Research at Australian Lutheran College, University of Divinity. She has published widely on John Chrysostom and his milieu, including (with Pauline Allen) The Churches of Syrian Antioch (Peeters, 2012).
'The volume is a valuable research tool, as it also provides detailed footnotes and bibliographies for each essay. And the appendices include a bibliography of ancient sources as well as of John Chrysostom’s works, followed by a useful index of ancient sources and a general index. The volume belongs in research libraries.[...] Revisioning John Chrysostom sets a vast and abundant table before us. The breadth of generations, its remarkable scope, and diverse methodologies enrich this volume. The editors and contributors are to be commended for conveying so richly the relevance of Chrysostom’s works across disciplines, centuries, and continents.'
Georgia Frank, Colgate University, BMCR 2019.11.20
This volume will pave the way for studies on Chrysostom for years to come and can be recommended for all interested in a refreshing take on the study of late antiquity, the integration of modern theory and the study of historical texts, and the use of sermons as sources for pre-modern history.
Philip Michael Forness, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, The Medieval Review, 2021
Preface Abbreviations Notes on Contributors 1 Approaching and Appreciating John Chrysostom in New Ways Chris L. de Wet and Wendy Mayer 2 John Chrysostom and the Troubling Jewishness of Paul Courtney Wilson VanVeller 3 TPreaching Hatred? John Chrysostom, Neuroscience, and the Jews Wendy Mayer 4 Preaching and Christianisation: Communication, Cognition and Audience Reception Isabella Sandwell 5 Emancipatory Preaching: John Chrysostom’s Homily Peccata fratrum non evulganda (CPG 4389) Geert Roskam 6 Text Worlds and Imagination in Chrysostom’s Pedagogy Jan R. Stenger 7 “Hear and Shudder!”: John Chrysostom’s Therapy of the Soul James Cook 8 Locating Animals in John Chrysostom’s Thought Blake Leyerle 9 Homiletics and the History of Emotions: The Case of John Chrysostom Yannis Papadogiannakis 10 Bound Together for Heaven: Mutual Emotions in Chrysostom’s Homilies on Matthew for Well-Ordered and Fruitful Community in Anxious Times Peter C. Moore 11 Brain, Nerves, and Ecclesial Membership in John Chrysostom Jessica Wright 12 The Preacher’s Diet: Gluttony, Regimen, and Psycho-Somatic Health in the Thought of John Chrysostom Chris L. de Wet 13 Reading Plato Through the Eyes of Eusebius: John Chrysostom’s Timaeus Quotations in Rhetorical Context Samuel Pomeroy 14 The Natural Law in John Chrysostom Constantine A. Bozinis 15 “Dogs Priced at Three Obols”: The Reception of Cynicism in John Chrysostom Paschalis Gkortsilas 16 The Iconic Abraham as John Chrysostom’s High Priest of Philanthropy Demetrios E. Tonias 17 Exemplar Portraits and the Interpretation of John Chrysostom’s Doctrine of Recapitulation Pak-Wah Lai 18 The Devil did not Make You do It: Chrysostom’s Refutation of Modern Deliverance Theology Samantha L. Miller 19 John Chrysostom and Same-Sex Eros in the History of Sexuality Benjamin H. Dunning 20 The Body of Christ’s Barbarian Limb: John Chrysostom’s Processions and the Embodied Performance of Nicene Christianity Jonathan P. Stanfill 21 Night in the Big City: Temporal Patterns in Antioch and Constantinople as Revealed by Chrysostom’s Sermons Leslie Dossey 22 Capital Crimes: Deconstructing John’s “Unnecessary Severity” in Managing the Clergy at Constantinople Justin M. Pigott Bibliographies  1 Primary Sources  2 John Chrysostom’s Works Indices  1 Index of Ancient Authors  2 General Index
All libraries, specialists and students interested in the life and works of John Chrysostom, early Christian preaching, Greek patristics, late-antique medicine, and late antiquity more generally.
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