Art, Culture, and Pedagogy

Revisiting the Work of F. Graeme Chalmers

The legacy of Graeme Chalmers’s research in art education underpins a foundational understanding of critical multiculturalism and offers a rigorous analysis of oppression and institutionalization of unequal power relations. His work begins in stories involving disruption and advocacy, and how when working in collaboration, we may then begin to share lived knowledge in ways that bring sociopolitical dimensions to the fore to help us move towards breaking cycles of divisiveness.

International scholars share both reflective commentaries that look back upon Graeme Chalmers’s contributions, as well as offer diverse perspectives that look forward to the enduring potentialities and possibilities of his work today and into the future. These perspectives are presented alongside thirty years of his scholarship creating new insights and provocations that will continue to influence our collective work for social justice.

Art, Culture, and Pedagogy: Revisiting the Work of F. Graeme Chalmers holds timeless wisdom, articulating Graeme’s deep respect for cultural pluralism, his passionate embrace of inclusivity and diversity, and his dedication to social justice issues – all issues of compelling urgency today. His distinguished international leadership and his pioneering ideas continue to be adopted, engaged, and applied at all levels of art education.

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Dustin Garnet is an Assistant Professor of Art Education at California State University, Los Angeles. He publishes and presents extensively in international journals and conferences focusing on art and education.
Anita Sinner is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art Education at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Her interests include arts research methods, life writing, teacher education, international art education and community art education.
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Rita L. Irwin

F. Graeme Chalmers

Part 1: Cultural Pluralism

1. Cultural Pluralism – Looking Back
Jill Smith
2. Culturally Based versus Universally Based Understanding of Art
F. Graeme Chalmers
3. The Origins of Racism in the Public School Art Curriculum
F. Graeme Chalmers
4. Art Education as Global Education
F. Graeme Chalmers
5. Cultural Colonialism and Art Education: Eurocentric and Racist Roots of Art Education
F. Graeme Chalerms
6. Designing and Implementing a Curriculum for Multicultural Art Education
F Graeme Chalmers
7. Celebrating Pluralism Six Years Later: Visual Transculture/s, Education, and Critical Multiculturalism
F. Graeme Chalmers
8. Art Education on a World Where Old Boundaries, Old Truth, Old Truth, and Old Certainties Are No Longer Valid
F. Graeme Chalmers
9. Cultural Pluralism – Looking Forward
Christine Ballengee Morrsi

Part 2: Diversity

10. Diversity – Looking Back
Vesta A. H. Daniel
11. The Study of Art in a Cultural Context
F. Graeme Chalmers
12. A Cultural Foundation for Education in the Arts
F. Graeme Chalmers
13. Teaching and Studying Art History: Some Anthropological and Sociological Considerations
F. Graeme Chalmers
14. Art Education as Ethnology
F. Graeme Chalmers
15. Art Education in ‘Indian’ Residential Schools in British Columbia
F. Graeme Chalmers
16. Art Education in a Manly Environment: Educating the Sons of the Establishment in a Nineteenth-Century Boys’ School
F. Graeme Chalmers
17. Another look at Art education as ethnology
F. Graeme Chalmers
18. Diversity – Looking Forward: Towards an Inclusive Art Education: An Anthropological Approach
Nick Stanley

Part 3: Social Justice

19. Social Justice – Looking Back
Mary Ann Stankiewicz
20. Art as a Social Study: Theory into Practice
F. Graeme Chalmers
21. Beyond Current Conceptions of Discipline-Based Art Education
F. Graeme Chalmers
22. Narrow and Sectarian Pretensions: George Gustavus Zerffi and the Teaching of Art History
F. Graeme Chalmers
23. European Ways of Talking about the Art of Northwest Coast First Nations
F. Graeme Chalmers
24. Why Focus on the Common Ground?
F. Graeme Chalmers
25. Knowing Art through Multiple Lenses: In Defence of Purple Haze and Grey Areas
F. Graeme Chalmers
26. Dragon Boats and Other Waka: Implications for Art Education in Aotearoa/New Zealand
F. Graeme Chalmers
27. Social Justice – Looking Forward: Art and Activism: Moving between and beyond Aesthetic Objects to Organizing
Dipti Desai
28. “I would like to Acknowledge my Respect for …”
Anita Sinner and Dustin Garnet
All interested in multicultural and social justice art education, and students, teachers, and scholars concerned with teacher education and inclusivity.
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