Women of Liberty


Steve Shone’s Women of Liberty explores the many overlaps between ten radical, feminist, and anarchist thinkers: Tennie C. Claflin, Noe Itō, Louise Michel, Rose Pesotta, Margaret Sanger, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mollie Steimer, Lois Waisbrooker, Mercy Otis Warren, and Victoria C. Woodhull. In an age of great and understandable dissatisfaction with governments around the world, Shone illuminates both the lost wisdom of the anarchists and the considerable contribution of women to intellectual thought, influences that are currently missing from many classes documenting the history of political theory.

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Biographical Note

Steve J. Shone, Ph.D. (1992), University of California-Riverside, has taught at a number of colleges, including Winona State University, Gonzaga University, and the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. He is the author of Lysander Spooner: American Anarchist (Lexington Books, 2010) and American Anarchism (Brill, 2013; paperback edition Haymarket Books, 2014).

Table of contents


1. Mercy Otis Warren, the So-Called “Republican” Patriot
The Legacy of Mercy’s Brother
Jemmy’s Sister: Never a Servile Servian
Subjugated People
Defining “Republican”
Mercy Otis Warren as a “Republican”

2. Louise Michel: Neither a Red Nor a Virgin?

3. The Originality and Political Philosophy of Victoria C. Woodhull
The Originality of Victoria C. Woodhull
Victoria Woodhull as a Political Theorist

4. The Seductiveness of Tennie C. Claflin and of Her Ideas
Marriage, Equality, and Social Change

5. Lois Waisbrooker: Anarchist Opponent of Marriage
Waisbrooker’s Feminism
Waisbrooker’s Anarchism
Free Love
No To Marriage

6. Itō Noe, Japanese Anarchist Follower of Emma Goldman

7. The Radicalism of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
The Bible as a Weapon Used Against Women
Marriage and Divorce
Self-Sovereignty and the Solitude of Self

8. Margaret Sanger: The Scientist of Human Salvation
Sanger’s Anarchist Influences
Not A Marxist
Not a Racist
Birth Control and a New Morality

9. Forever an Anarchist: Mollie Steimer

10. Rose Pesotta, the Working Anarchist
Pesotta as an Anarchist Theorist
Pesotta as an Anarchist Union Activist

Conclusion: Liberty Lost


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