Residency, Class, and Community in the Contemporary Chinese City


Editor: William Hurst
Drawing on the perspectives of a wide range of leading experts across several disciplines, this book offers critical insights on some of the most important questions of contemporary urban Chinese politics and society. All of the contributors, working across different institutions and localities in China, bring rich data and fresh analyses to such issues as urbanization of place and people, tensions between urban social groups, new structures and mechanisms of governance and welfare provision, and the fraying of traditional social ties. Taken together, this collection represents the most comprehensive and grounded set of analyses of residency, class, and community specifically focused on urban China in at least the last ten years.
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Table of contents

Series Foreword

1 Introduction: Time to Rethink Key Concepts in Urban Chinese Politics and Society?
William Hurst

2 The Stratification of Urban Residential Space and Community Interaction: The Case of Dongshan New Town in Nanjing
Li Yuanxing and Chen Junfeng
Translated by Matthew A. Hale

3 Changes in Assets Held by the Middle Class during Social Transition: An Analysis Based on Surveys of Urban Residents in the Pearl River Delta from 1986 to 2004
Liu Yi
Translated by Roderick Graham Flagg

4 The Age of Individualization: Chinese Paradox and Resolution – The Experience of One Metropolis
Xiong Wansheng, Li Kuan, and Dai Chunqing
Translated by Roderick Grahm Flagg

5 Community Economic Structure and the Social Capital of the Individual: Examples among Poor Residents in Guangzhou and Lanzhou
Liang Ningxin
Translated by Roderick Graham Flagg

6 From Social Capital to Guanxi: A Study of Small and Medium Enterprise Growth in China
Zhai Xuewei
Translated by Matthew A. Hale

7 Politics in Residence: An Empirical Study of Owners’ Rights Defense and Community Construction in B City
Guo Yuhua and Shen Yuan
Translated by Zhao Rui

8 The “Interstitial Production” of Civil Society: Lawsuits Involving “Neighborhood Agency Rights” in Nanyuan
Huang Xiaoxing
Translated by Matthew A. Hale and Shayan Momin


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