Residency, Class, and Community in the Contemporary Chinese City


Editor: William Hurst

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Series Foreword

1 Introduction: Time to Rethink Key Concepts in Urban Chinese Politics and Society?
William Hurst

2 The Stratification of Urban Residential Space and Community Interaction: The Case of Dongshan New Town in Nanjing
Li Yuanxing and Chen Junfeng
Translated by Matthew A. Hale

3 Changes in Assets Held by the Middle Class during Social Transition: An Analysis Based on Surveys of Urban Residents in the Pearl River Delta from 1986 to 2004
Liu Yi
Translated by Roderick Graham Flagg

4 The Age of Individualization: Chinese Paradox and Resolution – The Experience of One Metropolis
Xiong Wansheng, Li Kuan, and Dai Chunqing
Translated by Roderick Grahm Flagg

5 Community Economic Structure and the Social Capital of the Individual: Examples among Poor Residents in Guangzhou and Lanzhou
Liang Ningxin
Translated by Roderick Graham Flagg

6 From Social Capital to Guanxi: A Study of Small and Medium Enterprise Growth in China
Zhai Xuewei
Translated by Matthew A. Hale

7 Politics in Residence: An Empirical Study of Owners’ Rights Defense and Community Construction in B City
Guo Yuhua and Shen Yuan
Translated by Zhao Rui

8 The “Interstitial Production” of Civil Society: Lawsuits Involving “Neighborhood Agency Rights” in Nanyuan
Huang Xiaoxing
Translated by Matthew A. Hale and Shayan Momin