Philosophical Horizons

Metaphysical Investigation in Chinese Philosophy


Editor: Paul D'Ambrosio
Professor Yang Guorong is one of the foremost living philosophers in China, and is widely known for the development of his “concrete metaphysics.” In Philosophical Horizons Yang offers penetrating discussions of some of the most important issues in modern philosophy—especially those topics related to comparative and Chinese philosophy. Drawing freely and adroitly on Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist texts, while staging a dialogue with Western thinkers such as from Kant and Hegel to Marx, Heidegger, and Wittgenstein, Yang shows how contemporary Chinese philosophy has adopted, localized, and critically developed Western ideas alongside traditional Chinese concepts.

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Biographical Note
Paul J. D’Ambrosio is associate professor of Chinese philosophy at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China, fellow of the Institute of Modern Chinese Thought and Culture, Dean of the Center for Intercultural Research, and the program coordinator ECNU’s English-language MA and PhD programs. He is the author of 真假之间 ( Sincerity and Pretense in Ancient Chinese Philosophy) (Kong Xuetang Press, 2019), co-author (with Hans-Georg Moeller) of Genuine Pretending (Columbia University Press, 2017), editor (with Michael Sandel) of Encountering China (Harvard University Press, 2018). Additionally, he has written over 60 articles, chapters, and reviews, and is translator of several books on Chinese philosophy.
Table of contents
List of Significant Chinese Philosophical Concepts
Translator’s Introduction to Philosophical Horizons

1 Introduction

2 The Dual Character of Philosophy

3 Problems and Methodology

4 The Completion of the Person and Its Multiple Dimensions: Education within a Philosophic Horizon

5 The Content of Value Concepts

6 Ethical Life and Practical Morality

7 The View of Man and the View of Matter: the Philosophical Implications of Ecological Problems

8 Metaphysics and Other Matters: Responses to a Number of Philosophical Questions

9 Chinese Philosophy as Philosophy

10 Chinese Philosophy: Questions and Their Evolution

11 Identification and Recognition

12 Dao and Chinese Philosophy

13 The Question of Human Nature in Chinese Philosophy

14 The Idea of Reason and Rationality in Chinese Philosophy

15 The Study of Philosophers in History

16 The Concept Gongzheng (“Justice”) in the History of Chinese Thought

17 The World of Emotions in the Book of Songs

18 Metaphysical Principle and Principle of Value: the Way (Dao 道) and Natural Spontaneity (Ziran 自然) in the Philosophy of the Laozi

19 Meritocratic Politics: Its Meaning and Limitations

20 The Great (Modern) Debates: Substance and Function, Past and Present, China and the West

21 Analytic Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy

22 Metaphysical Thought in a Post-Metaphysical Age: an Interview with Yang Guorong

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All interested in contemporary Chinese philosophy, comparative philosophy or global philosophy, and anyone working in contemporary metaphysics.
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