Sanitized Apartheid

The Post-Racial Hoax in South Africa and the United States


Author: Arnold Dodge
Sanitized Apartheid: The Post-Racial Hoax in South Africa and the United States examines the similar histories of South Africa and the US. After the invasion of foreigners, entire races of people were slaughtered, enslaved, and delegitimized. Heroic figures emerged along the way, only to have their efforts nullified by powerful white people. The historical parallels continued as freedom fighters won victories for the oppressed, in some cases codifying equality under the law. However, a powerful de facto current in the social/cultural environments remains in both countries. The book squarely addresses the vile strain which calls for a halt to protest and an acceptance of what is. The author examines these issues through an exhaustive research agenda and a personal narrative.

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Arnold Dodge, Ph.D. (1994), NYU, is Associate Professor and Chair at the Department of Educational Leadership of Long Island University. A former teacher, principal and superintendent, he coordinates a US/South Africa partnership examining the racial divide in schools and has written and spoken extensively on the subject.

1 Sanitized Apartheid
 1 The (Very) First Great Migration
 2 South Africa, Land of Opportunity
 3 America, the New Frontier
 4 Normalizing Depredation

2 Skin in the Game
 1 The “Other”
 2 Biology Weaponized

3 From Sandton to Sandtown: Tales of Two Cities
 1 Long Division
 2 The Efffects Downstream

4 The Invisible Man
 1 Color Blindness – A Disorder of the Privileged
 2 “Linguistic Genocide”

5 Segregation: The Ghosts of de Jure, the Pervasiveness of de Facto
 1 The Good Neighbor Policy
 2 Enemy Inside the Wire
 3 Separate and Unequal Schools
 4 In the US, It’s Race to the Bottom
 5 South Africa Opens Fire

6 The “Bootstraps” Scold
 1 No Excuses
 2 When the Cards Are Stacked against You
 3 School as the Great Leveler, Except When It’s Not

7 The Sanctimony of Noblesse Oblige
 1 “Double Consciousness”
 2 The Enchantment of “Giving”
 3 Polite Fiction
 4 “Poverty Porn” – “Ghetto Tourism”
 5 Celebration Fatigue in the US
 6 Co-Opting Madiba/South Africa’s Potemkin Village

8 No Brief Candle: The Dreams, Determination, and Wisdom of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King
 1 46664
 2 Dreaming
 3 The Torch Passed
 4 A Traveler’s Guide through the Arc of the Moral Universe
 5 Mandela and King as Change Agents: Caveat Emptor

9 Hope
 1 The Pride of Lions
 2 Messages from the Field
 3 Why Try?
 4 Organizing for Change
 5 The Spirit of Ubuntu – I Am, Because We Are
 6 A Last Word

All interested in examining inequities in resources and opportunities based on historic racial divisions and hegemonic practices of the powerful.