The Mystery of Skepticism

New Explorations


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The Mystery of Skepticism: New Explorations represents the cutting-edge of research on underexplored skeptical challenges, dimensions of the skeptical problematic, and responses to various kinds of skepticism. The thirteen newly commissioned essays, edited by Kevin McCain and Ted Poston, demonstrate that despite its long history philosophical reflection on skepticism and the challenges it poses is alive and well. The essays in The Mystery of Skepticism enhance our understanding of skepticism by breathing new life into old debates and sparking new ones. The Mystery of Skepticism will shape discussions of skepticism for years to come.

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Kevin McCain, PhD (2012), University of Rochester, is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His published research includes Evidentialism and Epistemic Justification (Routledge, 2014) and The Nature of Scientific Knowledge: An Explanatory Approach (Springer, 2016).
Ted Poston, PhD (2006), University of Missouri-Columbia, is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the McCollough Institute for Pre-Medical Scholars at the University of Alabama. His published research includes Reason & Explanation: A Defense of Explanatory Coherentism (Palgrave, 2014) and A Contemporary Introduction to Knowledge-How (Bloomsbury, 2018).
"Textbook treatments of skepticism can sometimes give the impression that there are only one or two forms that skepticism can take, only one or two basic arguments for skepticism, and only a limited handful of options for responding to skepticism. The strength of the present volume is that its contributions manifest the broad diversity, complexity, and sometimes poorly understood nature of the many issues surrounding philosophical skepticism."
- James R. Beebe, University of Buffalo, International Journal for the Study of Skepticism 11(1), 2019.
List of Contributors
 1 The Mystery of Skepticism: An Introduction
Kevin McCain and Ted Poston

Part I: Understanding Traditional Skeptical Arguments

 2 Procedural Reasons and the Problem of the Criterion
Andrew D. Cling
 3 Is Cartesian Skepticism Too Cartesian?
Jonathan Vogel
 4 Hume’s Certain Doubts: Why We Should Worry Too
Kevin Meeker
 5 Skepticism as a Way of Life
Baron Reed

Part II: New Skeptical Challenges

 6 Disagreement Skepticism and the Rationality of Religious Belief
Jonathan Matheson
 7 Pragmatist Anti-Skepticism: At What Price?
Scott Aikin and Thomas Dabay
 8 Extraordinary Skepticism
Earl Conee
 9 Internalism, Memory, and Skepticism
Brett Coppenger
 10 Inferential Internalism and the Problem of Unconscious Inference
Richard Fumerton
 11 The Philosopher’s Doom: Unreliable at Truth or Unreliable at Logic
Bryan Frances

Part III: New Responses to Skepticism

 12 The Skill Model: A Response to Skepticism about the Intellectual Virtues
Sarah Wright
 13 Two Strategies for Explaining Away Skepticism
Kevin McCain and Ted Poston
 14 Reasoning One’s Way Out of Skepticism
Susanna Rinard

Academic philosophers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate students working on skepticism in epistemology will be especially interested in The Mystery of Skepticism.
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