Storytelling: Global Reflections on Narrative


This book is a collection of papers from an international inter-disciplinary conference focusing on storytelling and human life. The chapters in this volume provide unique accounts of how stories shape the narratives and discourses of people’s lives and work; and those of their families and broader social networks. From making sense of history; to documenting biographies and current pedagogical approaches; to exploring current and emerging spatial and media trends; this book explores the possibilities of narrative approaches as a theoretical scaffold across numerous disciplines and in diverse contexts. Central to all the chapters is the idea of stories being a creative and reflexive means to make sense of people’s past, current realities and future possibilities.

Contributors are Prue Bramwell-Davis, Brendon Briggs, Laurinda Brown, Rachel Chung, Elizabeth Cummings, Szymon Czerkawski, Denise Dantas, Joanna Davidson, Nina Dvorko, Sarah Eagle, Theresa Edlmann, Gavin Fairbairn, Keven Fletcher, Sarah Garvey, Phyllis Hastings, Tracy Ann Hayes, Welby Ings, Stephanie Jacobs, Dean Jobb, Caroline M. Kisiel, Maria-Dolores Lozano, Mădălina Moraru, Michael R. Ogden, Nancy Peled, Valerie Perry, Melissa Lee Price, Rasa Račiūnaitė-Paužuolienė, Irena Ragaišienė, Remko Smid, Paulette Stevens, Cheryl Svensson, Mary O’Brien Tyrrell, Shunichi Ueno, Leona Ungerer, Sarah White, Wai-ling Wong and Bridget Anthonia Makwemoisa Yakubu.

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Tracy Ann Hayes, Ph.D. (2018) Lancaster University, Lecturer and transdisciplinary researcher at the University of Cumbria; published on research methods, and young people’s relationship with nature, including Kindness: caring for self, others and nature - who cares and why? (2017).
Theresa Edlmann, Ph.D. (2015) Rhodes University, is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of South Africa and Research Fellow at Stellenbosch University. Her research focuses on historical memory and the legacies of apartheid and colonialism in South Africa.
Laurinda Brown is a Reader in Mathematics Teacher Education at the University of Bristol. She enjoys editing, having edited international mathematics education journals and being one of the three editors for this volume.
 List of Figures
 Notes on Contributing Authors
Theresa Edlmann, Tracy Ann Hayes and Laurinda Brown

Part 1: Pedagogical Perspectives

 Introduction to Part 1
Laurinda Brown
 1 Telling True Stories: Creative Approaches to Bringing Nonfiction to Life
Dean Jobb
 2 “I Like to Give Things a Story”: One Teacher’s View of Teaching Mathematics
Laurinda Brown and Maria Dolores Lozano (Lolis)
 3 Learning to Play: Stories of Learning Mathematics, Language and Music
Sarah Eagle
 4 “Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?”: Foundations and Methods for Revitalising Story Reading for Children
Phyllis Hastings
 5 Oral History and Storytelling: Reflection on an Alternative Approach of Teaching History
Wai-ling Wong
 6 Storytelling as a Research Tool in a User-centred Design Process
Denise Dantas

Part 2: Media Perspectives

 Introduction to Part 2
Laurinda Brown
 7 Digital Storytelling on Life-Cycle Websites
Rasa Račiūnaitė-Paužuolienė
 8 Digital Storytelling: Possible Applications in an Open Distance E-Learning Environment
Leona Ungerer
 9 A New Horizon of Non-Fiction Storytelling: The Use of Virtual Reality and Gaming Techniques
Nina Dvorko
 10 Visual Storytelling of Japaneseness in Manga, Anime and Japanese Film
Shunichi Ueno

Part 3: Healing Perspectives

 Introduction to Part 3
Theresa Edlmann
 11 Stories from Different Sides: Reflections on Narrative-Based Dialogues in Addressing the Legacies of Apartheid Wars
Theresa Edlmann
 12 Invisible Stories: Loss, Recovery and the Rhetoric of War
Welby Ings
 13 The Place of Story and Storytelling in Clinical Contexts
Elizabeth Mary Cummings
 14 Singing the World: Narrative Medicine and Storied Existence
Sarah Garvey and Rachel Chung
 15 Can TV and Film Help Us to Understand Suicide Better?
Gavin Fairbairn

Part 4: Cultural Perspectives

 Introduction to Part 4
Theresa Edlmann
 16 “People Insult Me – Oh my!”: Reflections on Jola Women’s Story-Songs in Rural West Africa
Joanna Davidson
 17 East African Stories of Love: Challenging Perspectives
Brendon Briggs
 18 Cultural Appropriation and the Telling of Wisdom Stories
Keven Fletcher
 19 Eventually All of the Citrus Trees Died: Stories of Love and Loss from a Village in Cyprus
Stephanie Elisabeth Jacobs
 20 Interactive/Transmedia Storytelling as Cultural Narrative: Stories of Family, Place and Identity
Melissa Lee Price and Michael R. Ogden

Part 5: Biographical Perspectives

 Introduction to Part 5
Tracy Ann Hayes
 21 Sharing, Saving and Studying Life Stories: Diverse Perspectives
Cheryl Svensson, Paulette Stevens, Sarah White, Mary O’Brien Tyrrell and Valerie Perry
 22 Telling it as it Is: Women as Protagonists in Autobiographies
Anthonia Makwemoisa Yakubu
 23 Mothering on Kibbutz: A Personal/Communal Story
Nancy Peled
 24 Narrativisation of Identity in the Poetry as Life Writing of Lithuanian Women Émigrés
Irena Ragaišienė
 25 Sharing Stories: An Interactive, Interdisciplinary Approach
Tracy Ann Hayes

Part 6: Historical and Spatial Perspectives

 Introduction to Part 6
Tracy Ann Hayes
 26 199 Years of Crossing the Atlantic: A Nineteenth-Century British Travel Writing Scholar Dialogues with Her Travellers
Caroline M. Kisiel
 27 Representations of Time and Space in Advertising Stories
Mădălina Moraru
 28 Narration as a Source for Studies in Ethic Systems: An Historical, Psychological Perspective
Szymon Czerkawski
 29 Reinstating Narrative: The Role of Stories in Claudio Magris’s Post-postmodernist Historical Novels
Remko Smid
 30 “I so Regret the Barograph…” As We Make and Use Objects, so They Form and Mould Us
Prue Bramwell-Davis
 Looking Towards The Future And Continuing The Conversations
Tracy Ann Hayes, Theresa Edlmann and Laurinda Brown
This work will appeal to practitioners, researchers and academics working across disciplines who are interested in the fields of narrative and storytelling.
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