Nonprofit Finance: A Synthetic Review


In Nonprofit Finance: A Synthetic Review Thad D. Calabrese reviews the current state of research on nonprofit finance. The book comprehensively addresses core finance topics with a focus on those issues that differentiate nonprofit finance from traditional finance. Topics include the financial goals of nonprofits, sources and uses of funds, reserves and working capital, and debt and borrowing. The text also addresses recent innovations in nonprofit finance such as crowdsourcing donations, social impact bonds, flexible low yield paper, and donor-advised funds, as well as innovations in corporate forms. Throughout the text, gaps in our current knowledge are highlighted and avenues for future research are suggested. As such, Nonprofit Finance: A Synthetic Review is relevant for researchers and practitioners alike.

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Thad D. Calabrese, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University. He has published three textbooks and over 25 journal articles on financial management in public and nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit Finance: A Synthetic Review
Thad D. Calabrese
 Editor’s Introduction (V#4): the Larger Context of Nonprofit Finance: a Synthetic Review
 1 Introduction
 2 Definitions
 3 Types and Numbers of Nonprofits
 4 Basic Financial Characteristics of Nonprofit Organizations
 5 What Are the Financial Goals of Nonprofit Organizations?
 6 Sources of Funds
 7 Uses of Funds
 8 Slack, Working Capital, and Reserves
 9 Capital Structure
 10 Discussion and Conclusion
 Author Biography
Graduate students pursuing a doctorate in nonprofit studies, current faculty members, as well as managers and board members of nonprofit organizations will find the book a necessary resource.