The Morphology of Asia Minor Greek

Selected Topics


This volume provides an unprecedented collection of data from Asia Minor Greek, namely from Cappadocian, Pharasiot, Silliot, Smyrniot, Aivaliot, Bithynian, Pontic, Propontis Tsakonian and the dialect of Adrianoupolis. It offers fresh and original reflections on the study of morphology, dialectology and language contact by examining issues regarding inflection, derivation and compounding, dealt with by Metin Bağrıaçık, Marianna Gkiouleka, Aslı Göksel, Mark Janse, Brian D. Joseph, Petros Karatsareas, Nikos Koutsoukos, Io Manolessou, Theodore Markopoulos, Dimitra Melissaropoulou, Nikos Pantelidis and Angela Ralli. An in-depth investigation of phenomena aims to increase our understanding of language change. They result either from a natural evolution of Asia Minor Greek, or from the interaction between the fusional Greek and the agglutinative Turkish or the semi-analytical Romance.

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Angela Ralli, Ph.D. (1988), University of Montreal, is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Patras (Greece). She has published monographs and many articles on theoretical morphology, dialectology and language contact, including the book Compounding in Modern Greek (Springer, 2013).
Brian D. Joseph


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Introduction: Selected Topics of the Morphology of Asia Minor Greek: an Introduction
Angela Ralli

1 The Historical Background of the Asia Minor Dialects
Io Manolessou

2 Agglutinative Noun Inflection in Cappadocian
Mark Janse

3 Two Turkish Suffixes in Pharasiot
 Constraints Against Phrasal Bases
Metin Bağrıaçık, Aslı Göksel and Angela Ralli

4 The Morphology of Silliot
 Paradigmatic Defectiveness, Paradigmatic Levelling and Affix Pleonasm
Petros Karatsareas

5 Adverbial Constructions in a Dialectal Context: a Case Study From Pontic
Marianna Gkiouleka

6 The Smyrna Dialect
 Loanword Adaptation in a Multilingual Setting
Theodore Markopoulos

7 Affixoids and Verb Borrowing in Aivaliot Morphology
Angela Ralli

8 Subtractive Imperative Forms in Bithynian Greek
Nikos Koutsoukos and Nikolaos Pantelidis

9 Morphological Innovations in Propontis Tsakonian
Dimitra Melissaropoulou

10 The Greek of Ottoman-era Adrianoupolis
Brian D. Joseph

Libraries, institutes, researchers and students interested in morphology, dialectology, historical linguistics, language contact, lexicology and typology. Anyone concerned with the study of the Asia Minor Greek dialects.
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